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The Queue: I’m not Broken because Blizzard won’t make them playable

I’ve always wished they would add playable Broken. I think that would be pretty awesome.

I’m actually listening to I’m Broken by Pantera, which is what made me think of that.

This is the Queue. Let’s talk about Blizzard and stuff.


Q4tQ: How do you think storytelling in WoW will be different now that Metzen has retired?

I have no idea, but I suspect he’d been scaling back his day to day involvement in World of Warcraft for a while, first working on Titan, and when that didn’t happen switching to Overwatch. So while I’m certainly seeing his fingerprints all over Chronicle volume 2 and I believe he was involved heavily in a lot of the story direction of Warlords and Legion, I definitely think we’ve actually been creeping into the post-Metzen WoW story for a while now. But as many people have already pointed out, the game is bigger than any one person, a lot of people contribute to its story and we’ll certainly notice a few changes but I think it will be a gradual process we won’t be able to immediately point to and say that’s how it will be different.



Anyone here who likes to play HotS and has to stop because this Warcraft event is making it awful? Quickplay is just not an option for me anymore. There are so many people acting as a detriment to the team that it’s impossible to play the game. Losing isn’t the worst thing in the world, I just want to play. But, when we engage and my teammates literally stand still and don’t shoot anyone until I’m dead it’s no longer fun. When they bodyblock me from an escape while they’re the ones spamming the ‘retreat’ ping it’s not fun. I know one person kept killing mercs but not claiming the camp so the other team could get it.

Honestly, I am those terrible players just trying to get a mount and that’s why I did my fifteen matches vs. AI, so I wouldn’t ruin the fun for actual HotS players who are really trying to  play the game. That said. I kind of liked the game and might start playing it more often when I’m tired of WoW and Diablo.


Q4tQ: has there ever been a lore resolution to the battle for Alterac Valley? Is Drek’thar still alive? Did the Stormpike ever round up enough rams?

The Stormpike essentially lost in Cataclysm when Sylvanas pushed her forces through Silverpine and Hillsbrad and encircled them. Drek’thar is ancient and sitting in a wheelchair, so it’s mostly Forsaken in the area now.


As a Human Warrior is there any reason in WoW Lore why if I kill Baine I shouldn’t eat him too?

It’s generally accepted that eating sapient beings is wrong. Just as you’d rather that Troll Warrior not eat you, you shouldn’t eat Baine. It’s immoral and gross.


Q4tQ What’s this about certain lore content being specific to Mythic raiding in Nighthold? When are they going to cut that out?

Probably never.

There are only a few ways to reward Mythic raiders for the vastly increased difficulty of performing at that level, and one of the most evergreen ways is to give them tidbits of lore that don’t happen outside of that raiding difficulty. See Cho’gall showing up in Highmaul for the Mythic Imperator fight, for example.

As long as Blizzard continues to support Mythic as a raid difficulty, they’re likely going to put things like mounts, pets, the  best gear and lore special reveals unique to Mythic in the game. I doubt they’d ever see a reason to stop.


Hitting 110 is so weird… You end up feeling pretty weak and squishy, and then you go and get gear and do dungeons and raids and move up the ladder… and next thing you know, those same mobs that were hating on you are just exploding and you’re pulling multiples because you know you can just stare them to death.

Granted, it’s also the difference between ilvl 788 and ilvl 888…

Maybe I’ve been playing this game too long, but that was my experience at 60, 70, 80, 85, 90, and 100 as well. I mean, it’s just how the game works, isn’t it? I remember running UBRS/LBRS/Strat and Scholo pretty constantly to get the Battlegear of Valor/Heroism, pick up what epics I could outside of raiding, start running World Bosses like Azuregos and Kazzak and then MC/BWL/AQ, plus ZG and AQ20 to get geared up to the point where I could go solo elite dragons mobs to skin for delicious leather. I used to go kill demons in the Blasted Lands (back before it wasn’t so blasted anymore) just for fun because I was Naxx geared so why not?

That’s just how the game has always been. They’ve put in stuff that emphasizes it like scaling, but that doesn’t really change it.

Okay, that’s the Queue for Tuesday. I’ll see y’all this Friday.

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