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The QueueMar 6, 2017 11:00 am CT

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Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!


So can any mage just start siphoning other people lives for power or is this just another case of the terrible fanfic that is the illidan quest chain

This was better represented in the War of the Ancients novels, if I remember correctly. I read them ages ago now, so it’s possible I’m remembering details wrong, but I don’t think so. Essentially, War of the Ancients focused more on the ritual portion of magic than World of Warcraft does. You could blast someone in the face with a fireball, but it was more effective to prepare things and utilize proper rituals and reagents. Illidan’s crew organized people into small groups who stood in magic-amplifying formation to give every other member of the group access to each others’ power. Through each other, they were able to amplify their spells beyond what they could accomplish as individuals.

Illidan pushed it too far. Imagine a survival situation where everyone pools their resources. Theoretically, by working together and sharing what everyone has, the group can accomplish more together than they could on their own. Illidan took everything and left the other members of his group with nothing. They willingly laid bare what they had and he slurped it all up. Because betrayal is kind of his thing.

He didn’t take what was behind locked doors. He convinced his allies to open their door for him and he robbed them blind in thanks.

That said, I think there’s a thin line between when magery becomes warlockery and if warlocks can slurp someone’s life essence, mages can probably do it, too. But then you’d start calling a warlock instead of a mage because they did something a warlock does.


Was eyeing the Kindle on Amazon, but the cheaper version requires you to subscribe to their special offers and charges a fee if you want to unsubscribe. >.>

No thanks, Amazon. I’m good.

This wasn’t a question nor was it related to Blizzard Watch or Blizzard games, but I wanted to comment on it anyway. I have the cheaper Kindle. I have no regrets. When you’re connected to wifi, they show you an advertisement on the lock screen which you only see when you pick up your Kindle to open a book. It doesn’t intrude on your actual books. The ads are, for the most part, static images. Nothing useful ever goes on the lock screen anyway, so if it’s going to save me some money… yeah, sure. Why not?

I’m sure I have a higher tolerance for advertisement than other people do and obviously the decision is yours to make, I just wanted to point out their “special offers” aren’t intrusive. I don’t mind saving some money with the result being my Kindle’s lock screen tells me about a new release once in awhile.


there’s an island south of Azsuna. Is it used for anything?

That depends on what island you’re referring to. The southern island attached to Azsuna is the Isle of the Watchers which is used for a lot of things. There are World Quests there, it’s where you turn in the Wardens Emissary question, and it’s the location of Vault of the Wardens. If you’re referring to the island immediately south of Dalaran on the map, that’s the Eye of Azshara. The Eye of Azshara is both the outdoor version of the instanced dungeon and it’s also where you fight Kosumoth the Hungering.


If Kil’jaeden dies at the end of Tomb of Sargers, will you be disappointed? Do you want him to die on Argus?

I’m an odd duck and think Kil’Jaeden is cooler than Sargeras. I always put more stock in the villains we see than the ones we don’t. They can go on and on all they want about this big ancient evil that has done such horrible, awful things, but if I’ve never been there to see them, I really don’t care. In that sense, Kil’Jaeden has done a hell of a lot more in WoW than Sargeras. Killy-J has been the dude in charge this whole time.

Do I care where he dies? Not really. Despite my feelings on it, it’s clear Blizzard wants to build up toward Sargeras and the Void Lords and everyone between us and them will probably die at some point. This will be our second time fighting Kil-a-man-Jaro, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we kill him for reals.

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