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The QueueMar 24, 2017 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Velen ain’t playin’

Seriously look at that dude’s face.

He is done. Just absolutely done with everybody. Khadgar, Kil’Jaeden, you name it, Velen ain’t got time for it.


Q4tQ: I find that the “Canticle of Sacrifice” track has hung ominously over the expansion, unused and yet destined to be important. Where do you think this music fits into the story eventually? Someone else’s death? The funeral of someone who has already died? Another moment of sacrifice? Given the rather pointed and heavily stated theme of “sacrifice” that permeates the expansion as a whole, I have to wonder what this tune is being saved for!

As Mitch pointed out, it’s being played in the Stormwind Park memorial to Varian. As a general theme, the song seems to be an appropriate one for the entire expansion, as many sacrifices will likely need to be made to hold the Legion off (and of course, that’s all we’re doing, holding the invasion at bay… or is it? The trailer has me wondering) and preserve Azeroth.


Q4tQ: I got my monk to 110 (WW is fun!) and found that I could just buy AK!!! Same cost but no waiting, but then it stopped at lvl 15.
When did this happen and why did it only go to lvl 15??
*I know you can buy those compendiums but my monk is on an unconnected server

That all came in Patch 7.1.5 along with Artifact Research. It’s account bound, so you can buy a tome on your main and send it to any character, even ones that aren’t on linked servers, btw, as well as buying AK on your alt directly. It’s meant as a catch up, which is why it’s limited in terms of how much of it you can buy.


*Is trapped on WoW forums arguing/debating in a desperate attempt to get some alt leniency for artifact appearances*

I’m going to be the guy who argues against it because I really don’t think the Artifacts themselves should be a cross account thing.

I have certain titles and mounts that are very hard or even impossible to get now, including a couple of realm first ones you can’t get now, and I enjoy being able to use them on new characters. And maybe when Legion is over, I’ll be less interested in the idea of getting the achievements and appearances through gameplay, because we’re just going to burn through to level 110 anyway and start on our advnetures on alt-Azeroth anyway. (Relax, we’re not going to Mirror Universe Azeroth where good King Arthas is battling against The Lich Thrall)

For right now, though, I feel like my DK’s progression shouldn’t affect my Warrior or Paladin or Shaman — these are such class specific items that there should be as little overlap as possible. As it is, I find it weird when I complete an achievement using Strom’kar and it unlocks extra appearances for my other two Artifacts as well. The idea that my DK should get the same appearance progression as well would seem absurd.

I agree with your point about waiting too long to figure out an approach, though. I feel like they should make a call as soon as they can.


That Queue photo is what Gorebelly, Punter of Gnomes, has for nightmares…a neverending horde of candy cone gnomes just waiting to stab him in the knee, three taking place for every one he boots into the abyss, two more spawning from every Arcanite Bladebreaker Cleave melting them with Shadow…

The thought of it haunts us all…

I have never understood what’s cool or funny about the gnome punting thing.

First off, it’s not even something you can do in the gane, with the possible exception of some quest somewhere that I’m forgetting.

Secondly, why gnomes and not goblins? Why don’t Tauren ever go on and on and on about punting Orcs? Orcs are tiny to Tauren. As I’ve pointed out multiple times, Orcs are the Gnomes of Draenor (as Chronicle volume 2 makes abundantly clear) — the smallest of the races derived from the creation of a Titan, the smartest of them, and the most technologically advanced and community minded of them. So why is there no association of Orc punters?

I gotta believe there’s some element of insecurity here. Perhaps people are intimidated by Gnomes, because their inventions tend to work and not explode in your face the way Goblin ones do? Or maybe it’s envy? I really can’t figure it out.


Will they continue to have technical difficulties this week? Will they ever beat the mana wyrm? Will I be able to watch them stream?

Find out on the Thursday LiveStream, starting in ten minutes (maybe they should get Gelbin on call, just in case.

We did in fact beat the Mana Wyrm but I’ll be honest, it felt like an utter fluke. Frankly I really feel like cooldowns needs some serious attention this expansion, when I pop Anti-Magic and Vampiric Blood at the same time, I expect a lot more oomph than I get thus far.

Also man I’m tired of having to interrupt a spell that gets cast more often than I can possibly interrupt it. Needing interrupt rotations on a boss in a five man dungeon just isn’t fun for me — I’m busy trying to work on positioning and paying attention to mechanics that will almost one shot me and now I have to try and juggle interrupts when my interrupt is once every 15 seconds. Ugh. Someone always interrupts when I do and then there’s no interrupt for the next cast.

Essentially it turns every fight into Vezax. I didn’t like Vezax so much that I want to fight him every single fight.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. I’ll see y’all later.

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