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Discussion > WoWApr 6, 2017 8:33 am CT

Do you like WoW’s Legion Assaults?

Legion Assaults started this week and, honestly, I’ve found them to be pretty lackluster. Blizzard said they’d be like the pre-expansion invasions but so far they’ve been somewhat of a letdown. Invasions were great. Players of all levels would charge in, swarming the zone, heading off together to each objective. And if you missed one invasion, you didn’t have to worry because another would soon be up.

These invasions are not nearly the same caliber. For one Blizzard insisted on having them on a weird schedule. This would be fine if they worked like the pre-patch invasions, one spawning as soon as another ended, but they only spawn once per day in a very limited 6 hour period: invasions so far have happened when everyone is at work. Apparently the Burning Legion is unionized. Granted, the devs removed the invasion requirement from the Pathfinder achievement last night, but it just feels like they’re treating a symptom instead of the problem, you know? I feel like just increasing the length of time they’re up would help greatly.

The current invasions are also pretty lengthy, involving several world quests, then more quests to kill named NPCs, then a three-person scenario. It’s pretty drawn out and whereas I can knock out all of my preferred world quests from the five zones in a little over an hour, the invasion line itself takes almost as long. That’s quite an investment for something that’s only up for 6 hours, especially when I have a million other things to do. I’m doing them if I’m able to log in when they’re up, but I’ll probably peter out as soon as I’ve gotten my rep and achievement.

Has your experience been different than mine? How do you like the new invasions?

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