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The QueueApr 14, 2017 11:00 am CT

The Queue: The Sleeper Has Awakened

The Sleeper must awaken.


What would be your favourite/most wanted raid for Timewalking?

Ironically, it would have been Black Temple.

My backup is Blackwing Lair. Oh, I want to watch people endure the Suppression Room.


QftQ: I was running Mogu’shan Vaults the other day with some guildies for achievements/mounts. When you get to the Will of the Emperor fight, Lorewalker Cho goes on and on about how the machine could spit out a never ending army of Mogu and that we must destroy it before that can happen. Never ending army is something we could sure use right now. What are the chances we can fix this machine, or find ones similar to it?

There’s a machine just like it in Ulduar. You even destroyed that one if you ran Halls of Stone — it was spitting out tons of Iron Vrykul for Loken, they’re the ones you see in Halls of Lightning. And unlike the Mogu, the Vrykul were designed as warriors.

In both cases I’m pretty sure we wrecked those machines up but good. If there’s anything we’re good at, it’s absolutely ruining something. Just as the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, now known as the Vale of Eternal Sorrows. I suspect Odyn still has something along those lines and that’s how he made his Stormforged Vrykul from the worthy slain Vrykul his Val’kyr brought to the Halls, but he tends to go for quality over quantity.


The last two Queues have been real sleepers.



The header from today and yesterday got me thinking about this again. Yes I have ranted about this before. Since they updated character models, they are able to change the facial expressions. NPCs change expressions at times. Player Characters, however, cannot change their facial expressions. Is it time for Blizzard to allow players to do this? They could start with a few simple commands like “/ex happy, /ex sad, /ex mad”. Does anyone besides me think they would use this feature?

The S.E.L.F.I.E. camera kind of does this, so I don’t see any reason we couldn’t let players do it with emotes or something along those lines. Of course, it wouldn’t do me a lot of good because I almost always keep helmets equipped on my characters, but I can think something is a good idea even if it doesn’t benefit me directly.


Q4tQ: probably been asked before, but what are some of the best ways to gain the new faction rep? I’ve been doing the WQs there and contributing to the towers, but I’m just a little over halfway to revered and I’m starting to witness others taking flight. Sure, I’ll get there eventually, but is there any way that’ll speed it up a little?

If you can get one, Legion Assaults are worth a big chunk of rep. Otherwise, doing WQ’s on the Broken Shore, followed by a Kirin Tor Emissary if one is up.


Q4TQ: What is it and is it in AQ40 and did anyone check?


As I said in guild chat last night, “Dear Blizz… every time I have to tab out to look up something it makes me want to play a lot less.”

Is it just me or has this expansion gone too far in making things hard to find?

I don’t think it’s just you. I’m finding the Broken Shore somewhat difficult for that very reason.


Would you like to see a new character addition in Heroes of the Storm, named “Adventurer” that lets you import the look of one of your characters from WoW?

How would that work? Would it be an option to, say, make Varian look like your Fury Warrior? I mean, I could see it working if it basically overwrote Jaina with your Mage, Gul’dan with your Warlock, etc. Your shaman could replace Thrall or Reghar, your Hunter could write their appearance over Rexxar, and so on. That might be cool. And they wouldn’t need to design a new hero.

I can’t see how they would ever do this, but I’d probably like it if they somehow did.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Talk to y’all next week.

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