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The Queue: Not quite flying

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I’m less than a day or two from flying in Legion. On the one hand I’m really looking forward to being able to see my favorite vistas from the skies. On the other, I’m wondering how long it’s going to take me to remember that I’ve actually learned flying. I predict a good month or so of absentmindedly running around on ground mounts before it finally sinks in.


Why is it that Azshara can still take on elf form? I thought she, and those who supported her, all turned into Naga by the Old Gods or some such. Is it just an arcane projection or is she actually retaking elf form, and does that mean she’s got some latent druidic powers, if so?

She’s not actually changing shape — it’s just an illusion. I mean, come on, she’s arguably one of the most powerful sorceresses Azeroth has ever seen. A little spell to make her look as glorious as she used to is probably absolute child’s play to her at this point.


Still feels strange not to think of Suramar as current content anymore.

I’m right there with you on that one. We’ve been so invested in the Nightfallen for so long that it feels odd to have their story wrapped up in a tidy bow. I mean, obviously this expansion is supposed to be focused on the fight with the Burning Legion — it just feels a little odd not to have a metric ton of elves at my side.


Q4TQ — What 2-class-mash-up would your main, be if allowed? Most of the faction leaders and important lore characters blend 2 classes together and aren’t of a single playable class archetype.

Rogue & Demon Hunter. I know, I know, they’re practically the same thing but hear me out — stealth and double jump, plus those delightful wings. It’d be like having that awesome Fangs of the Father effect, only all the time. Look, I’m super easy to please, okay?


Q4tQ: When people die in WoW, they invariably become ghosts (Admiral Taylor, Uther etc). Why didn’t Leeroy Jenkins ever become a ghost, prior to his resurrection?

Well player ghosts don’t typically tend to stick around, and Leeroy was a player to begin with, not an NPC. I’m guessing he had better things to do than haunt various areas with whatever wailing lament he could muster.


Why are do many shaman-related places have “Thunder” in their name, like Thunder Totem, Thunderbluff, and Throne of Thunder? While I understand lightning is a strong type of power used by shaman, thunder is more of an aftereffect of that, and not one we usually see (either as a strong sound queue with an ability, or shaman trying to deafen their opponent).

Because thunder is that loud ominous portent that lightning is about to strike — a warning that things have the potential for getting very violent. I mean, it’s just an evocative word, you know? To be fair however, both Thunder Totem and Thunder Bluff are more of a Tauren thing, and the Throne of Thunder is named after Lei Shen the Thunder King. So it’s not necessarily Shaman-related.

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