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What’s your class fantasy?

Legion has focused on a return to “class fantasy” at the core of each class, and that has me wondering — does that core class fantasy change depending on when a player started playing WoW? Does it change depending on how long you’ve been playing? Or does it always tend to be an amorphous thing based not just on World of Warcraft but on your ideas conjured up by other sources as well?

Take Paladins. For me, playing a Paladin in WoW has always been colored by my first experience playing a Paladin in the game — rolling one, leveling up to 18, and finding myself in a Deadmines PUG where I was expected to be the healer even though I had no idea what I was doing. That happened in January of 2005 and it’s colored my ideas about Paladins in this game ever since. But someone who just started playing WoW in 2012 would never have experienced the same kind of Paladin class I did — seals, Judgements, every aspect of the class has been changed and redesigned and revamped since those days.

Clearly neither of us are wrong in how we view the class, exactly, but at the same time how does my view of Paladins (or any class) gel together with someone who’s had a much different experience? Holy Power still confuses me, but another player may have never known the class without it.

So pick your favorite class — what’s your class fantasy? Has Legion captured it, or do you feel like it got left out in the cold, like 2H Frost Death Knights and Single Minded Fury Warriors might? Honestly, the Diablo 3 Barbarian and Crusader do my Warrior class fantasy (and my Paladin, too) better than WoW nowadays.

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