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WoWApr 18, 2017 10:23 am CT

Latest WoW hotfixes feature more class changes

The latest WoW hotfixes are here, and if nothing else they give North American players something to read while waiting for the servers to come up. While we had some Warlock class changes last week and we know a lot more changes are coming in patch 7.2.5, we have another batch of changes here. Among them are a flat 6% damage increase for Fire Mages, and a 4% damage increase for a number of Hunter abilities — both of which will be live when the servers come back up.

For all the details, check out the patch notes below.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

Broken Shore

  • Rewards from the enemies summoned by Nether Portal Disruptors have been changed: These enemies should now drop significantly more Legionfall War Supplies and Dauntless tokens, but no longer drop Netherchunks or Tier 1 Sentinax beacons.
    • Developers’ notes: We want to make sure that Nether Portal Disruptors and the enemies they attract are lucrative and exciting without overshadowing other options so that players feel inclined to focus only on the Nether Disruptor for Broken Shore play. This should now be a solid extra to add to your activities when it’s available, rather than something to wait around for.
  • Witchmatron Magora now respawns more frequently, uses more abilities, and is significantly sturdier.
  • Sentinax: Bloodstrike is now a debuff.
  • Players should no longer be offered the “Armies of Legionfall” quest before they can accept it.
  • Champion Aquaclease can now be taken down the Path of Suffering during “By Water Be Purged”.



  • Fire
    • [With maintenance in each region] Damage of all abilities increased by 6%.


  • Marksmanship
    • [With maintenance in each region] Damage of the following abilities increased by 4%: Marked Shot, Arcane Shot, Multi-Shot, Aimed Shot, Volley, Black Arrow, Bursting Shot, Piercing Shot, Windburst, Murder of Crows, Sidewinders, Barrage.


  • Discipline
    • Aegis of Wrath now reduces the remaining absorb of Power Word: Shield by 3% every second.


  • Elemental
    • Seismic Lightning is now correctly affected by Elemental Fury.
  • Enhancement
    • [With maintenance in each region] Damage of the following abilities increased by 4%: Boulderfist, Crash Lightning, Flametongue, Lava Lash, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Shield, Rockbiter, Stormstrike, Windfury, Windsong.


  • Outlaw
    • [With maintenance in each region] Damage of the following abilities increased by 4%: Ambush, Ghostly Strike, Killing Spree, Death from Above, Saber Slash, Pistol Shot, Between the Eyes, Run Through, Cannonball Barrage.
    • Loaded Dice buff duration increased to 45 seconds (was 15 seconds).


  • Affliction
    • Fixed a bug causing the proc chance of Fatal Echoes (Artifact trait) to be quadrupled by Reap Souls. It is now doubled, as intended.
    • Fixed a bug causing the proc chance of Sweet Souls (Artifact trait) to be quadrupled by Reap Souls. It is now doubled, as intended.


Court of Stars

  • Patrol Captain Gerdo
    • Improved the visuals for Patrol Captain Gerdo’s Streetsweeper ability.


  • Lady S’theno should no longer disappear from Felhammer when she is sent on a mission.
  • Bodyguards now gain significantly more XP from player quests.

Legion Companion App

  • Added support for new Follower Missions.
  • Addressed an issue that caused some Mission duration times to differ from the World of Warcraft client.
  • Addressed an issue that caused Artifact Power rewards to display incorrect punctuation in tooltips.

Player versus Player

[All PvP hotfixes are in-testing and intended to go live as soon as possible.]



  • Fire
  • PvP template Intellect reduced by 6%.


  • Aspect of the Turtle now negates the stun of Call Fel Lord.
  • Beast Mastery
  • Separation Anxiety increases the damage of your pet by 15% (was 50%).


  • The arrow markers located in Impsorrow Approach no longer vanish when players enter the area for the quest “A Flare in the Dark”.
  • Prowling Shadowstalkers spawnrates and spawn quantities have been improved for “Get Them Up” and “A Flare in the Dark”.

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