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The QueueApr 26, 2017 11:00 am CT

The Queue: See you next week

Hey. I’m taking this week’s Wednesday Queue because I’m going in for eye stuff tomorrow and will likely be laid up for a few days after. Alex will likely be taking Friday.

Anyway, let’s do the Queue.


Are warriors in WoW using a form of chi for their shouts? Do rogues tap into shadow magic for some of their abilities?

No and probably not. Warriors don’t use magic — whatever they do, it’s based in pure rage and/or martial discipline. (Technically we also use a lot of magical weapons/armor, but we ourselves aren’t magical at all.)

I’m not as absolutely certain about Rogues but I was always under the impression it’s purely that they’re just that sneaky, ala Batman always managing to vanish even though there’s no way people shouldn’t have seen him leave. It’s just smoke bombs, pure sneakiness and other tricks, not channeling magic directly.


For hidden Artifact appearances, since you have to do dungeons with that skin on, does it still count if you mog over that skin?

See, I was pretty sure that mogging over it didn’t affect the count because I mog over my artifact all the time and I still got my hidden appearance unlocks, but other players have said it doesn’t count if you mog over it and I’m not 100% sure.

The forums appear to agree with me, but I’m not able to find a blue response confirming or denying it. For now I’ll answer “yeah, you can mog over it and it’ll be fine” based on my own experience, but I’m willing to correct myself if I end up wrong. But I am reasonably sure you can mog over it and still unlock others, because I rarely have mine not mogged to Ashkandi and I still unlocked it.


Ah, Children’s Week.

I simply decided that Violet Protodrake just isn’t that important to me. “School of Hard Knocks” is literally the only achievement I need for it, and it’s just not worth it.

Since people have commented that they got School done the first year it was out no problem, I’ll just say this.

I got it the first year it was out. Because the BG’s I was running to get it actually helped me do it. But then I tried to help my wife get it, and I watched people deliberately screwed her over repeatedly, especially in WSG and EotS. I watched Paladins bubble her, people deliberately not heal her, a couple of people organize harassment in BG chat to deliberately deny her the achievement so she’d leave. WoW players can be hostile and even cruel as often as they can be excellent, and this particular achievement requires people to, well, let you do it. If that one Druid keeps grabbing the flag before you can get it, or that one Priest actually life grips you back into a mass of opposite faction players, there’s not much you can do about it.

So yeah, some of us get lucky, get the achieve and move on with our lives. Others of us spend several Children’s Week periods desperately trying to get it done only for our own team to make it hell for us. It’s one of those kind’s of achievements.


Why must all the weekly challenges be tied to playing with a friend in HotS?

I think it’s an attempt to motivate people into trying to get their friends to play HotS with them. I could be wrong, I’m not very good at understanding what motivates people, but that’s my guess. The hope is likely that people will sign up just to help their friend out, like the game, and play it themselves.


Regarding the weapons that drop from the invasions: these must be intended for transmog, because I have only seen them drop from the end-boss in the scenario, and the scenario can only be completed by max-level characters. When you are less than 110, you can only see the invasion world quests (if you have world quests unlocked) but you cannot get the pop-up quest that starts the chain.

Just putting this here because it seems like useful information to me.

Okay, that’s it for my Queue’s this week. I’ll hopefully be back around next Tuesday, unless something goes horribly wrong and I end up permanently blinded in both eyes. In which case, I  likely won’t be.

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