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The Queue: I’ve sacrificed everything

Hang on, Demon Hunter. Let me stop you right there, because clearly you haven’t sacrificed everything. You certainly haven’t sacrificed your ability to complain about how little the people around you have sacrificed and, trust us, we wish you would.


Q4tQ: if you were a demon hunter, and had to SACRIFICE EVERYTHING, what is the one thing you would secretly not sacrifice?

Mitch: Are we talking in-game character? Or, like, IRL?

Liz: I was going in-game.

Mitch: Okay, that’s easier and less existential.

Liz: Less nihilism. I mean… probably. Demon Hunters, man.

Mitch: Okay, this answer is going to sound weird before I elaborate, but I’d keep Jin’do’s head.

Liz: You’re right (and you know how much I hate to say that). That sounds weird.

Mitch: Back in Vanilla *pushes up reading glasses*, there was a quest in Zul’Gurub (which was a 20-man raid at the time) to get the heads of 4 or 5 of the Hexxars, plus Jin’do’s head. The Hexxars were easy because it was just a generic item and you could theoretically kill the first boss 4 times to get 4 Hexxars’ heads. Getting Jin’do’s head… now THAT was the tough part. Most considered him to be more difficult than the raid’s actual end boss, and he often just ended up getting skipped. Anyhow, by some random chance, I happened to get myself in a raid with a pretty advanced team. For one reason or another (I think they were just going for Jin’do?), I got Jin’do’s head before I got the Hexxars’ heads. So here I am, one head o’ Jin’do, 4 heads o’ Hexxars yet to go, and before I got a chance to run ZG again, Blizzard removed the requirement to turn in Jin’do’s head along with the others. So by the time I could turn in the quest, I had an extra head in my bags and nothing to do with it. Being the pack rat that I am, I kept it — a nifty little quest item that’s not a quest item.

Liz: Are you staying you still have a bloody, soggy, rotting head of Jin’do in one of your bank bags?

Mitch: Sitting in muh bank.

Liz: But why do you want it??

Mitch: I want it because it’s unique. To be fair, I keep a lot of random stuff like this around — I still have Marks of Dawn, a Firestone I made back when those were a thing, etc.

Liz: Dang, Mitch, I was just going to give a dumb answer about not giving up my ability to hate Demon Hunters’ attitude, but you had to go all detailed on me and I just can’t compete.

Mitch: Sorry! I like to brag about my head!

Liz: Mitch no.

Mitch: I have no idea what you’re no-ing.

Liz: Maybe that’s best for all of us.


Q4Q: Do you think the Necromancer pack for D3 will come with preorder bonuses for other games?  Maybe a Xul unlock for Heroes?

Liz: Blizzard is big on bundles so that you don’t just play the thing, you play all the things. The real question is what new stuff they might have to promote when the Necromancer comes around.

Mitch: I’m not sure about pre-order bonuses for other games. Maybe for D3 itself, but I think as far as cross-promotion goes, Blizz usually packs those promotional items with a Deluxe version rather than a pre-order thing.

Liz: They haven’t done anything quite like this before, so anything could go. Maybe there will be a “deluxe” version of the Necromancer to buy, with bonus stuff?

Mitch: Yeah, I suspect that’ll be the case.

Liz: Wtb more details. Because I’d like to be excited about Diablo 3 again. JUST GIVE ME A REASON.

Mitch: I just don’t have time for so many games. T_T

Liz: It probably helps that I’m not into Heroes or Overwatch as much as you. I have room to be excited about Diablo!

Mitch: I’ve loved Diablo when I’ve actually set aside time to play. That just doesn’t happen too often.

Liz: Though my Diablo snag is that if I really want to play my favorite class — the D2 Amazon — it’s currently only in Heroes.

Mitch: See, I never played D2 so I don’t have any particular associations, though Necromancer-types are usually my go-to in this sorta game.

Liz: This cross promotion thing is kind of giving me a headache now. I want to play Diablo but to play Diablo I need to play Heroes of the Storm and I am terrible at Heroes of the Storm. I think I’ll just give up on this question now.


Q4tQ: With the requirement to reach Exalted to be removed from the process of earning one’s class hall mount, do you intend to collect more class mounts? Personally, the rep grind was never the part that was keeping me from getting excited about half of them. I suppose it’s easy enough now to get a couple of my alts through Broken Shore when the time comes, but it isn’t my biggest priority.

Liz: My tolerance for grinding anything goes down a little every day, which mostly means I only ever bother with the grinds that give me stuff I care about. Some of these mounts are awesome and I’ll nab them reputation or no. Some of them I just don’t care that much about.

Mitch: Honestly, it depends if these quests are up post-expansion and how long the lull between 7.3.X and 8.0 are. As it is, I’ll probably get my Priest’s and my Mage’s. Maaaaaybe my Rogue’s. But those are the only max-level toons I have and I don’t know if I have it in me to level more toons just for a mount.

Liz: Ugh, effort.

Mitch: Right?

Liz: It has to be a really cool mount for that. (Or a really long downtime. Which I’m hoping doesn’t happen.)


Liz: High-5, Priest buddy.

Mitch: Sigh.

Liz: What? I’m helping! Look at me over here helping build enthusiasm and excitement! Mounts! Grinds!

Mitch: Blizz just doesn’t want Shadow Priests riding around on top of squirmy tentacles.

Liz: Ohhhh, I see, your excitement is sarcastic.

Mitch: The owl thing is odd, especially for Shadow.

Liz: It’s Blizzard’s way of telling you to play Discipline.

Mitch: :|

Liz: :D

Mitch: Worst.


2 Bosses Enter: Winston vs Rexxar

Liz: Winston.

Mitch: Winston, because Rexxar may be the Beast Master, but Winston is no beast. He — like the formidable M. cyrus — can’t be tamed. And without his taming abilities, Rexxar only can throw BIRDS!

Liz: I don’t understand most of those words in that context, but I agree.

Liz: And, like it or not, that’s all we’ve got for today’s Queue. Be sure to drop plenty of questions into the comments today for Mr. Matthew Rossi to answer tomorrow. Mitch and I will be back once again next week for more arguments

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