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The Queue: But yesterday was Thursday too

Questions? You want questions? We’ve got questions. We’ve got a whole random grab bag of questions.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in.


I’m returning from a long break (stopped middle of HFC) and cannot get attached to the new zones despite great design. Is this WoW fatigue?

Mitch: What is is about the new zones you don’t like? In many ways, they’re better than the other expansions’ zones, so if you don’t like them… yeah, it may be WoW fatigue. If it’s something like the aesthetic or the story not meshing with you? Maybe, maybe not.

Liz: Legion zones feel a lot more interactive than what we’ve had in the past. They tell bigger stories, which I love. But I can totally get not feeling the story in all of them. Highmountain just doesn’t do it for me. And that whole bit in Val’sharah that’s Tyrande and Malfurion yelling across the zone at each other.

Mitch: I’d say try to get to 110 though. The Suramar story is — legitimately — some of the best WoW’s ever done. It’s really hard to answer your question without knowing what’s bothering you about Legion. Objectively, it’s probably the best WoW expansion yet. I would say try it at 110 (which is a big focus on Blizz’s part) and if you still can’t get behind it, try another game. No harm in that.

Liz: Out of everything in Legion, Suramar’s the zone that really stands out. It’s a beautiful environment packed with memorable characters and a great story. I have to agree with Mitch (an you know how much I hate doing that) that it’s WoW’s very best work… though admittedly there are a number of reputation grinds to work through to unlock it. But if you’re willing to jump through some hoops, there are rewards on the other side.


Q4TQ: If you could choose a lore character and give him/her a new class, what would the most inappropriate combination you could think of? I’m thinking making Sylvanas a paladin or Tyrande a warlock.

Mitch: This is a good one. Let’s see… Velen Demonology Lock, Lorewalker Cho Shadow Priest, Thrall uhh… Maybe Affliction Warlock? If I can only choose one character (and I know this isn’t total opposite but YOLO), I’d make Anduin full-on Shadow. I’ve wanted it for a while. Make it happen, Blizz.

Liz: I can dig Shadow Anduin. The kid has always had a bit of a dark side.

Mitch: He needs to embrace it like all teens do eventually.

Liz: Embrace the dark side, Anduin. You know, for our entertainment.


Anyone else REALLY hate these promotions Blizz keeps doing where you get free things if you try a game and play with your friends? I understand the THEORY behind it — getting you to try other Blizz games while playing with your friends. But it makes the environment SO AWFUL for the regular people that usually play those games, because the playerbase becomes FLOODED with people that aren’t even remotely interested in the game and are just queueing to get the free rewards. HotS has been excruciating these past 2 weeks. :(

Mitch: I really don’t mind it, except for the Recruit-a-Friend system in WoW. And in principal, I don’t hate that either… but as a mount collector, I hate that there are mounts tied to it. I do understand the frustration of a few weeks of “noob” games, but I tend to either play super casual or hardcore — the former works for the promotions, the latter has no overlap with them.

Liz: The problem, if it is a problem, is that Blizz is doing these things to get players playing. There’s no way around those players being new and inexperienced… but the snag is that plenty of them don’t want to play. They’re in it to nab whatever reward as quickly as possible and then back to their primary game. It’s like Children’s Week in WoW where every year there are new players trying to grab the School of Hard Knocks achievement by PVPing — which just seems to serve to make both PVPers and non-PVPers totally miserable. (Yeah, sorry, I went there.)

Mitch: I mean, it has to be worth it for Blizz, right? They have statistics we don’t. I can’t see why they’d keep doing these if it didn’t help.

Liz: I’m sure it brings in some players. You just have to wonder the ratio of happy new players to miserable new players who leave as soon as their quest’s complete.

Mitch: Misery is not a dollar amount.

Liz: But it could be!


One of the prevailing themes in Legion is class identity. While I Iove the idea I do believe race identity has been lost in the process. A Blood Elf paladin is not the same as a Human Paladin which is not the same as a Tauren Paladin. A troll priest is not the same as a Draenei priest. Yet Legion kind of treats them all as the same thing. I would love for the next expansion to recapture some of the race and culture identity that was lost in Legion.

Mitch: As a Forsaken Shadow Priest, I agree. But I really think that’s asking a lot of Blizz, given the circumstances. If that were to happen, I think it would have to happen more or less one at a time, over a long period of time. Back when Blood Elf Paladins were first introduced, they definitely had a few quests that made them stand out from the usual Paladins. I’m fairly certain those were removed, but the point is, it’s hard enough for Blizzard to (and impressive enough that they have) come up with spec-specific quest/story experiences. I think some classes, the race/class storyline does make more sense to pursue, but it’s ultimately a balance of investment. If Blizz had unlimited resources and could do everything they and the players wanted each expansion? Hell yeah, make race count. Until then, I think the best we’ll get is the occasional one-off quests (which still would upset neglected parties… it’s hard for Blizz to win here).


QftQ: Mitch told us to ask some questions for Liz for tomorrow so, choose any one:

1) Why do you think they haven’t added draenei characters to Heroes yet?
2) If there was a piece of gear from WoW that you could have in real life what would it be?
3) If you could conjure a WoW weapon to defend yourself against bandits, what would it be?
4) What’s the best part about being a rogue?
5) What does the Alliance need to do in order to start winning back land from the Horde?
6) What WoW character would best qualify to be a Disney princess?
7) Does Gallywix need to go?
8) Does Sylvanas need to go?
9) Does Xe’ra need to go?
10) What needs to happen to make WoW exciting after Legion?

Liz: Okay, let’s do this!

  1. Those tentacles can’t require any more polygons than Lucio’s hair, so… maybe we just haven’t gotten around to them yet. Yrel or bust!
  2. Goblin Glider.
  3. Thunderfury. It’s all in the intimidation factor.
  4. Stealth.
  5. Actually make an effort to win land back instead of … whatever the Alliance has been doing instead. Let’s start with Ashenvale.
  6. Jaina.
  7. Yes.
  8. No.
  9. Yes.
  10. Keep surprising us.


  1. Not many notable Draenei, plus, I’m sure higher-ups wanted to prioritize “relevant” (i.e., Overwatch) heroes.
  2. Target Dummy, so I’d never be alone.
  3. Target Dummy, because I’m more important (sorry, my love)
  4. Stealth.
  5. Scheming. Also ruses. Clever, clever ruses.
  6. Yrel.
  7. He needs to have done something before he needs to go.
  8. Never, go away if you disagree because I never liked you anyway.
  9. Ugh.
  10. Meaningful storylines. Suramar was a definitely the new high mark for Blizz, and I think if the questing zones can complete that AND we can have a max-level experience that’s great, that’ll mean a lot. Also, better legendary distribution.

Mitch: To follow up on 10., the Broken Shore has been a complete let-down after the max-level + 7.1.5 content. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great for a lot of reasons, but story-wise, it can’t compete with Suramar. Blizz needs to show that that sort of story and character development wasn’t a one-off and that it can be done in an entire expansion’s leveling experience. And for fun, a different approach to this question: Blizz needs Mass Effect-style story choices that make replaying zones actually feel different. Not in small ways, but in very big ones. The best we’ve gotten (as far as I can recall) are different starting zones. Make that happen in every zone, and make me want to play it again and try different choices. That would be truly remarkable.

Liz: While we’re wishful thinking, I would also like a pony. Another pony.

Mitch: A rainbow pony.

Liz: A rainbow unicorn pony pegasus.


2 Bosses Enter: Epicus Maximus vs E.T.C

Mitch: Epicus Maximus for two reasons: The entire ensemble. I mean, come on. But also, doesn’t Epicus Maximus include a guitarist from ETC? Best yet, the Forsaken one.

Liz: Band infighting! It’s always the guitarists. But I think these sides may be pretty evenly matched… and I think ETC has the edge, being  purely land-based while Epicus Maximus features a shark that has to make do on land. But ETC outnumbers Epicus Maximus — someone’s going to get bashed over the head with a guitar until they learn that the band is more important than their ego.

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