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The Queue: Sartorial Exuberance

I never noticed how crazy Blood Elf eyebrows were before.


Finally ran the Nighthold this weekend and got the mount. Woo! But you know, it has me thinking…

I want a game for the Shal’dorei. I want to be able to roll an Astromancer or Spellblade or Dusk Lily, explore and set-right the city, help with the upkeep of Shal’aran and cultivation of the tree that will help restore the people. Restore Moon Guard Stronghold as a bulwark against the darkness. Rediscover the secrets of the arcane and druidism to create new arcan’dors. Retake Felsoul Hold and cleanse it of its fel taint. To ally with the ghost Prince and rebuild the lost college of magic.

Rediscover the world and actually have an impact (more phasing, less static world). Obviously not really WoW, more single-player than anything. But that questline, rescuing and redeeming the people, political intrigue and investiture in NPC characters, was one of the most satisfying I’ve every played in this game, and they have such interesting classes and lore I want to explore it MORE in a world where they do make an impact and we can see the changes.

I also wouldn’t mind getting their armor for transmog. But that’s unrelated. ;)

I don’t know why that couldn’t be WoW. It sounds a lot like what any starting character would do in their starting zone — it’s not entirely dissimilar from what Blood Elves do in theirs, in fact. If I didn’t think players would flip the heck out, I’d suggest that Blizzard could do worse than to give the Alliance those High Elves they’ve wanted for years and let the Horde have a faction of Nightborne join up. That way, both factiosn would have tall purple Elves and shorter, less purple Elves. But I know many of my Alliance friends would absolutely lose their minds if the Horde got Nightborne.

That said, I have a really hard time imagining the Alliance getting them. For one thing, we already have the Night Elves, and while the Nightborne don’t look exactly like the Kaldorei, both groups are tall, purple and date back to the Kaldorei Empire — essentially the Nightborne are descendants of the very society that the Night Elves rejected. They took the Highborne of Eldre’Thalas back in, but the Nightborne seem a whole order more dedicated to the whole ‘magic yay’ team than even the Shendralar.

Of course I’ve agitated for Blizzard to do a single-player RPG in the style of Skyrim or Dragon Age for years now, but I really don’t see them doing it — their model seems firmly invested in the multiplayer paradigm nowadays.

I’d like their glaive-weapons, the ones that look like an even more magical version of a Spellbreaker’s glaive. while we’re talking about transmog looks we’d like.


Well… it finally happened (or, at least, close enough). My main is 898 ilvl. My never-raided (outside a handful of LFR) alt is 897 ilvl.

I suppose, on the plus side, that might help me talk the raid leader into letting me have a go at raiding with the Shaman. It’s a class I love, so would help bring some more joy to raiding for me. And out in the field, she’s actually burning mobs pretty much as well as the Mage. In some cases, better. Makes me wonder where Fire Mages and Elemental Shaman actually fall in the overall Theoretical DPS Rankings.

I’m just really amused I was able to get that high without raiding. It’s weird. And as a raider, it also feels… meh. But then, even with the raiding character, it’s been a bit of a funky experience, because WF and TF has meant I’ve gotten pieces in Normal NH that I likely won’t end up replacing in Heroic NH unless I get a lucky boost. At that point, you have to question how rewarding raiding is, especially as things get tougher. I mean, will Spellblade Dalek drop something that makes it feel rewarding to have been dealing with that disgusting fight on Heroic?

Don’t forget that once Tomb of Sargeras opens loot is going to start going up again — LFR gear starts at 885, Normal at 900, Heroic 915 and Mythic starts at 930. With Titanforging the sky’s the limit (well, no, there will still be caps, but you understand my point) and whichever character you end up raiding on will likely quickly outstrip your alt again.

But I do feel strange about the Broken Shore and its loot system. Nethershards have boosted my ‘I don’t raid because of vision problems’ main to nearly ilevel 900 thanks to a couple of lucky TF drops and I’ve also gotten a hat from Brutallus. In many ways the Broken Shore feels like a reset, much like the Timeless Isle/Tanaan did, but those were end of expansion zones and we have a whole patch to go after Tomb of Sargeras. Are we going to see another gear reset after Tomb? Are legendaries going to get another ilevel boost to bring them up above Tomb gear (since they’re about on par with Mythic Tomb now) or are we going to be okay with replacing our legendaries with patch 7.3 world quest gear?

As for your raid leader letting you raid on your shaman, some guilds I’ve been in let players do that, others only let people do that on alt raid nights they set up for that purpose, still others would only allow that kind of move at the end of an expansion or start of a new one. You’d know your guild better than I do, obviously, but remember that your raid leader has to look at the overall composition of her or his raid and make decisions accordingly. If you already have a lot of Shaman, that may be an issue.

Seriously y’all I just spent the last week farming up bracers for all the old sets I had every piece for except said bracers (it was something like twelve sets, down to four now) and yet, I haven’t used a single one of those sets in a mog yet because I just really enjoy this set so much.

I like this set more than I like the Tier 6 revamp that’s dropping from Tomb of Sargeras. If they release the red recolor of this I’ll lose my mind.

This has nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to say it.

And here’s another set I completed just this week to take part in Transmog Tuesday. Love that sword. The Orc in back is not to scale.


Having done the quest to get the new class hall champion on ten different characters, there is definitely a difference in quality between the quest chain from the different classes, and who they get. The DK is still the most fun of all ten.

When it comes to the champion you get (who can be a guardian, by your side while out in the world), they dropped the ball on some of them. I think there was too much of a push to get older, well-known names, but then didn’t set them up. There are times where you go out, questing with something cool, like a Nightfallen, or a Valkyrie. But then right at the end (or in the beginning set up) they give you a named person, of a race we have enough of. “Go out, have an awesome looking person with you! Now they’re gone and you get another blood elf as a follower.” The priest is one of the few where they give you the cool new person.

But no matter my complaint about who they could have given, I still love, love, love the guardian/bodyguard set up so much more than WoD. In WoD, I would be out in the world for five minutes, they’d die, couldn’t get them for an hour, and then I’d forget to pick them up when I was in the garrison. The priest new guardian can actually hold agro, yeah, it dies, but then it comes back in like 30 seconds, so it’s all good. I’m glad they learned something from WoD and fixed it.

Before I even discuss this: Dude, I’m exhausted with my three Warriors and one DK at 110, and I only do the Broken Shore/Invasion stuff on one of them. I do not  know how you guys do it. Ten level 110’s? Six of them in rotation on the Broken Shore? I suspect I must be intensely inefficient. Good luck on your quest for all the class mounts, though, the DK one seems pretty amazing.

Okay, now on to the new followers: I love Darius Crowley so, so much. And the Hunter one is a maniac. “The weak shall always perish! This is the fate you deserve.” I don’t even know her name, I just hear her dialogue when my wife and I are out questing and yeah, she’s crazy. I haven’t gotten any of my Horde Warriors to 110 yet and I haven’t done the DK on the Broken Shore (focusing on my main ATM) but once I do I’ll know more about what I like for them. At present, I replaced Thorim with Crowley as my go to guy because I seriously just love the dude.  He’s awesome. He Bladestorms when I Bladestorm!

I seriously hope that the other classes get followers they love as much as I love hanging out with Darius. Sometimes I just go places and chill with the guy. It seriously feels like he’s a friend, and not just some schlub working for Odyn I ended up stuck with, but a lot of that might have to do with the fact that I find the Warrior class hall uninspiring in terms of the NPCs.


3 Q4tQ
1. Is “The Player” reforming Atiesh canon, in regards to how Me’dan and (then later on) Khadgar get it, or is it just a duplicate of the original they they had/have?

2. Considering Khadgar playing an extensive role in Legion with Atiesh, do you think there will be a moggable version for new players to get, either from Tomb of Sargeras or Argus (assuming Argus will be a Molten Front / Isle of Thunder style location)?

3. Is Atiesh moggable for those that have it?

  1. Nope. Sadly, none of those things are canon. Not Atiesh, not Thunderfury, not Shadowmourne or the Fangs of the Father or Val’anyr. Or to be more accurate, the items are canon and the lore behind them absolutely is, but the part where you get them isn’t. And that’s not just for Legendaries like those — you didn’t get Gorehowl or Quel’Delar or Quel’Serrar or Ashkandi either. (That last one breaks my heart a little.)
  2. I do not expect there will be a moggable Atiesh, no.
  3. I don’t have it, but I’m pretty sure the answer is no. I can’t mog any of my legendary weapons over anything else. Just tried it with both Shadowmourn and Sulfuras, can’t mog over them and can’t chose their appearance to mog over anything else (although I can mog the epic Shadow’s Edge and Sulfuron Hammer appearances over things). Legendary weapons are still not transmoggable.


QftQ: Do you ever feel that you have to fight being negative or elitist at times? I just got out of a Hanamura game. I had a player ask me to help. I was genuinely annoyed. They were fighting over an unempowered enemy payload as 4. I was solo pushing bot lane and getting the bottom fort. So I was a bit snippy and not explaining myself. Turns out he was a newish player and simply didn’t know the map. So my annoyance and attitude were not only a waste, but a bit embarrassing.

Sometimes it’s hard to just take a step back and realize that not everyone will always be on the same page.

Let me be brutally frank here — I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone reading this that I can be an abrasive person. The fact is, I have significant social anxiety and I dislike interacting with players I don’t know in any video game, so when I’m doing group activity in any Blizzard game (be it Diablo 3 or Hearthstone or World of Warcraft or even my infrequent forays into Heroes) I simply do not talk to people much, if at all. I’m sure this comes off as me being unfriendly, but I simply can’t help it. It’s ‘say as little as possible’ or ‘leave the group entirely for my own sanity’. This is why I don’t often tank for pick up groups. I simply don’t want to talk, to chat or explain what I’m doing or anything. I am one of those players who greatly enjoyed the grim, silent assassin runs of LFD’s past and dislike it intensely when I have to explain things to people.

This often comes off as snobbery or elitism, and I feel bad for that. I do try and be helpful when I can, but I can’t always be the one telling people how to do X fight or Y dungeons. I wouldn’t be able to play myself, and that’s why I’m there, after all.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Take it easy all and I’ll see you Friday.

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