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WoWJun 2, 2017 2:00 pm CT

WoW Pet Battles: 7.2.5 Deadmines Dungeon strategy guide

The pet battle plot thickens! On the PTR and coming in patch 7.2.5, Breanni will send you from her pet shop in Dalaran to the Deadmines. As with the Wailing Caverns pet battle dungeon the fights are fairly straightforward the first time around, then you have the option to do it again without healing your pets. This challenge gives unique currency you can use to purchase three new pets, plus a bag full of goodies after you’re done collecting. No RNG nightmare. If you’d like to follow along, here’s a video of the whole shebang from start to finish.

The first fight you’ll come up against is the Junk Reaper 50. Elementals rip through this Mechanical pet like a Conflagrate through butter. My Fel Flame all but soloed it, so as long as you have three Elementals with some Elemental abilities you’re ready to rock. You could probably bop over to Tanaan Jungle and tame a couple gray Fel Flames to succeed.

Next up, some trash battles: Undead Unfortunate Defias, Elemental Angry Geode, and Beast Mining Monkey. A couple themed pets to join each battle too. Fully stacking the deck against the named pet is the easiest way to slap together a team on the fly but can be a bit risky. I’d recommend putting some off-family in your last slot. If your stable is small, try some pets with healing, like a Strider or a Crab, as that last anchor leg.


After you clear the trash, it’s on to the toughest fight I encountered. Captain Klutz, a Humanoid, dumpstered me hard my first go. The Humanoid family healing at the end of each round is a tough nut to crack, especially when you add in a ton of the Power stat and the damage reducing Boss buff. Darkness to cut the heals won the day for me.

I also decided to stack the deck with high-output Blind synergy abilities, though I think that was far less crucial than just decreasing the healing Klutz put out. My Gilnean Raven and Ghostly Skull (with a Macabre Marionette for the Dead Man’s Party Shattered Defenses icing on the cake) did the job.

And now, more trash! A Battle Bird, Battle Monkey, and Battle Rat all await. Again, simple family counters are sufficient — Magic damage against the bird, Mechanical against the monkey, and Beast against the rat. The rat has a big Mechanical ability, so you may want a Beast with a Dodge or Burrow ability to avoid that.

There’s a short story interlude before the final encounter. Cookie’s Leftovers is a (super gross) Magic pet. It can be dealt with by paying attention to common counters, but there’s a twist from the usual tamer behavior. Typically, you can avoid abilities with dodges, but this opponent is smarter than that. It’ll wait for you to stop dodging, and then use its abilities! Harsh. Even so, I found simple family counters were enough to finish things off. I used my Emerald Proto-Whelp, Emerald Whelpling, and Spawn of Onyxia. There are a number of other baby dragons that would work really well here. If you’re short, try taming a few over near the Order of the Cloud Serpent hub in Jade Forest.

It’s a bit tough to make general recommendations to shore up your stable since the battles are so varied. Generally, try to have a couple pets in each family as a fallback. The ‘extra’ pets in trash battles are generally Aquatic, Critter, and Flying, so if you were set for Wailing Caverns you’ll be set here. Dragons are a must. I definitely recommend grabbing at least one pet with Darkness to deal with Klutz.

The varied encounters in the original Deadmines made this new pet battle dungeon shine. Unlike the Wailing Caverns and its ho hum parade of beasts and aquatics, the Deadmines pulls from several different families — and gives them adorable little hats!

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