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News > Rogue > WoWJun 5, 2017 2:00 pm CT

New Rogue pickpocketing quests and rewards on WoW 7.2.5 PTR

Okay, if you are a Rogue (or rather, if you play one in World of Warcraft) patch 7.2.5 has some new stuff coming for you. Namely, a quest series available for level 100 and up Rogue players with some interesting new stuff if you do it. Our old friend Griftah is up to his old tricks, and as you progress through the quest pickpocking Coins of Air (think the Dingy Iron Coins from Warlords updated) which you can turn in a repeatable weekly quest that gives 4,999 gold in exchange for 10,000 coins.

But there’s more — Griftah offers a host of rewards for you pickpockets. The Sneaky Marmot and Dig Rat battle pets, the Barrel of Bandanas toy which allows you to gain the appearance of a host of face-covering cloths from the game, and the Barrel of Eyepatches which does the same thing, but for eyepatches. (Note, the Barrel of Eyepatches wasn’t working as of the most recent PTR build.) Both Barrels go for 100,000 Coins of Air apiece, while the pets go for 10,000.

So there you go, Rogues — do you hanker for new toys and pets, or would you rather get a cold hard chunk of gold every week? Either way, patch 7.2.5 promises you a lot more fun with the pilfering of pockets.

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