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The QueueJun 15, 2017 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Hi, it’s me again

Anne isn’t here, so I am. Sup? Let me dust off this ol’ copy/paste real quick…

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!


What’s the grossest item you’ve seen in game. Could be a food, or grey item, or a weapon!

Does it need to be an item? If not, the bears in Hillsbrad with spider eggs growing out of them. If so, any item we’ve looted from poop or any items that are, themselves, poop.


If you could have an expansion set entirely in one city (a Zone sized version of a city that look like somewhere an actual race would live in, ala Assassin Creed with Rome etc), where would it be, and what would the expansion to be about?

Presumably, this city doesn’t already exist. I’d rule out places like Orgrimmar and Stormwind because we already have them in-game and they’re pretty solidly faction-aligned. I think Humans or Elves are the only races on Azeroth who’d have the sort of urban majesty required to make a city like that truly compelling. This question is, I assume, inspired by Suramar, and Suramar’s vibe is what we’d need.

A problem with this proposal is the scale would be totally out of whack. Could you really justify a city being as large as, for example, Stormheim? Or if it’s the entire expansion, the size of the Broken Isles? If we’re going to ignore that inconsistency, though…{PB}

Give us a city that’s some old bastion or fortress. It’s considered absolutely impenetrable, but like Gilneas, the isolation has caused this poor city all sorts of problems. Rival factions have cropped up within the walls, defenders have abandoned their posts, evil is seeping in, and magic has run amok. Either we need to secure that bastion to weather a coming storm, or this city was tasked with keeping something caged and it’s geting out. In either case, we move in as allies to bring things under control under (hopefully) amenable means.

You could get creative with what constitutes a “city” for the sake of making not every zone a dense, urban space. Split zones into districts. If they’ve walled themselves in, maybe they have a limited space for agriculture — some open fields along with tiered gardens to make use of space. Their royal district could have more open streets with enormous interior spaces like temples and other public venues. Residential areas can be dense and seedy. Some zones will be more traditional WoW gameplay, while others go full urban fantasy with street-level crime about ghosts and demons and various creepy thing.

It’s totally doable. (And might I interest you in my book?)


How is single, I mean non-EiC life, treating you?

Very well, thank you for asking! My stress levels have dropped considerably.


How is your personal writing going?

I haven’t actually done much of it quite yet because it’s E3 week and I’ve been covering that with another outlet as a freelancer. Soon, though.


If you could have 1 non-blizzard video game character in Heroes of the Storm…who and why? For me, lets go with the O G mofo of video games who without we would not enjoy our lives, the one, the only, the SUPER MARIO! One of his heroics should be a Super Star…with the music blaring over the map to annoy both teams.

Dante from Devil May Cry. He could keep up with any of Blizzard’s characters. I imagine he could be played either in melee or ranged, and his abilities would change depending on your range from your target. For his basic attacks, he’d use his sword, Rebellion, in melee range. He’d bust out his pistols, Ebony and Ivory, at range. Each of his abilities would use a different weapon, but he’d still use Rebellion or Ebony and Ivory for basic attacks.

  • Q High damage knockback with Ifrit
  • W Short range hook with the Sword of Sparda
  • E Cone Shotgun blast
  • Heroic 1 Enter Devil Mode, increased damage with no cooldowns for a short time
  • Heroic 2 Goes nuts with high damage lasers at range with Nightmare-β

His talents would be all about being rewarded for setting up combos and using his abilities in tricksy ways. The combo system would use a meter on-screen that displays how stylish he’s been and he’d be rewarded for good play with a ramping damage bonus that fades out of combat.

  • Dull
  • Cool!
  • Bravo!
  • Absolute!
  • Sweet!
  • SSadistic!
  • SSSensational!

When he’s hearthing, and on the victory screen, he jams out on Nevan. When he taunts, he briefly tangos with a rose in his teeth.

No, I did not spend a long time thinking about this, why do you ask?


Recent changes this patch. Is Legion finally ALT friendly? Heirloom upgrades, chests giving tons of XP, decrease research time.

It really depends on what you want to do with your alts, and that’s been the case all along to some degree. If you’re the kind of person who needs (or feels the need) to cap out your Artifact Power as soon as possible, decreased research time will help, but it’s still one hell of a time investment actually getting the Artifact Power. If you’re not concerned about that, well… it was never a concern. I have a number of alts I’ve played quite casually and never felt the Artifact Power grind was oppressive, but I’m not that kind of person.

Certainly, this patch has made Legion more alt friendly. But previously, I would’ve argued it’s only alt unfriendly for certain types of people.

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