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The Queue: The Richter scale

Happy Tombsday, everyone!

You know what instantly endears me to a show or movie? An original score that blows me away. Such is the case with The Leftovers, which recently ended its run after three incredible seasons and is, frankly, underrated. It managed to reinvent itself every season while still feeling like the same show. I can see how the show isn’t for everyone, but personally, it’s one that I will forever consider influential on how I write.

What’s your underrated/inspirational show/movie/book? Give it a thought, and maybe read some questions while ya do.


Are imps the new murlocs or podlings? They are everywhere and are soooooo annoying.

If anything, they’re closer to Murlocs, since both have been around since Vanilla. I’m not sure I’d compare them to Podlings (or, by extension, those bunny things from Pandaria), however, since Podlings were brand new in Warlords and found a way to be annoying and also creepily muscular.


Q4tQ: what is your preferred class for fighting off the existential dread that your IRL self isn’t that important?

I’ll be honest, I sort of wish I had a go-to class for fighting off that feeling. I don’t keep many alts, and the ones I do aren’t really there for this purpose. If I had to give an answer, I’d say going back and doing Argent Tournament dailies doesn’t so much fight existential dread as it does distract from it. It’s always there, and it reminds me of one of my favorite expansion packs. Plus, the quests can be done rather mindlessly, so it’s a nice way to keep busy but still make progress on my, well, let’s called it “white whale.”

Also, on a serious note here, existential dread can — and likely will — hit us all at some point…and more realistically, at multiple points of our lives. There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t let it beat you. As someone having a bit of my own rough time, I can say that you are important. The number of people I’ve met through WoW and Blizzard Watch who have been there when I needed is more than I ever expected. Y’all are good people, and we all have each other for those tough times — don’t ever hesitate to let us help fight that dread.

Okay, I feel I’ve backed myself into a serious corner. How will I ever segue into something a little mo– WHITE WHALE!


Ok here goes: What’s your white whale in game, your one armed bandit, your six fingered man?  What have you hunted for over the long years and never gotten?

{PB} There are a lot of things in-game that I just plain don’t have, but none of them occupy that space in the back of my head quite like the Argent Tournament does. I still do not have all the mounts from that place, and even when I make forward momentum, it never lasts long enough for me to completely collect all the mounts I want from there. It’s always there. I default to it when I need to shut my mind off, but there are so many mounts, and only so many dailies, and I continually tell myself I’m nearly done, only to find I still have just a little more to go.

That said, I am getting closer and closer — but even when I get all I can get on my Priest, it’ll likely be another decade before I get around to running my Paladin through those dailies for the class-specific mount.


Q4TQ: Do you plan on working on the Legendary upgrades right away this week?

“Working on” in what sense exactly? I’m certainly not going to go out of my way to grind every wing of LFR or anything like that, but since the upgrade items should be dropping even without the quest, I’ll likely be sure to at least hit up all my Emissary quests (which I’ve been lacking on lately).

But really, I’m not in a huge rush to upgrade. That sounds like the kind of grinding that could burn a person out.


What did you think of the special show matches (East vs West) at HGC? And do you think they should continue doing them? I personally loved them, it was a fun breather from the more intense games, and you get to see the pros play heroes that may not be in the current meta. I particularly loved the 2x damage and 2x speed match.

Man, I had no idea this was going to happen until it actually happened, and I loved it. For those unaware, right before the HGC Mid-Season finale matches, an “East vs West” series of matches was set up, with each team comprised of members of teams from their respective regions.

There were no stakes (except maybe bragging rights), and they decided to change things up by altering the matches to have 2x damage and 2x speed modifiers. Not only was it pretty dang funny to watch, but it was even more fun to see the players able to take it easy and enjoy themselves. Every time the camera cut to the teams, it seemed like they were laughing and having as much fun just playing the game as possible. I’m all for more.


Q4TQ: Ok, I’m about halfway (I guess?) through the Priest Class Hall Campaign, and is it just me, or it kinda light on the Shadow front? Velen’s vision, the missions, etc., are all Light this and Light that. Meanwhile, the main plot thread for Shadow is a gnome talkin’ crazy (i.e. being a gnome). Does it get better? Maybe after I get all the demon mcguffins?

Takes in a deep breath…

Man, I have some words for Blizzard about this. Honestly, it’s been my biggest pet peeve about Priests for a while now, and quite frankly, it sucks that it always feels so shifted toward The Light. I get that Priests are a fairly unique class in terms of having one spec that utilizes magic that’s the polar opposite of another, but come on.

The Priest mount quest (spoilers?) has an NPC that literally tells you you’ve saved something from the Void and it will now be used in service of in The Light. What the hell, Blizzard?! No joke, when I was doing the quest and saw an NPC go, “There are Void things here! They must be purged!” I totally thought the quest meant me, and I’d have to prove myself capable of fighting the bad Void with my own Void… but nope.

There are some moments where Blizzard acknowledges the Shadow side of things, but they are few and far between. For everything else, “The Light” side of things seems to be the default, and no one apparently cares to acknowledge the entire basis for Priests’ dichotomy to begin with.

If having Priests as three specs means Blizzard is going to run on cruise control and not acknowledge the class fantasy they tout as so important, than freaking make Shadow its own class so that someone has to pay attention to lore moments that make literally zero sense for Shadow Priests.


Do you think Shadow Priests deserve own green fire like questline where they get red shadows like we see emerald nightmare use?

This might be unexpected, but no, I don’t think so. The green fire questline was special because green fire is something Warlocks wanted for as long as I can remember, and something Blizz legitimately had been talking about for ages. The same cannot be said of red shadows, which really haven’t been hyped before now.

Don’t get me wrong, I will always argue for more cosmetic options. But I’d rather Blizz give Shadow Priests questlines that they deserve rather than trying to make something epic that isn’t worthy of the epicness that was the green fire questline.


Q4TQ: I have a few alts that I basically want to play through their class campaign and obtain the class mount. After that I plan on either parking them in Dalaran or using them to do stuff like transmog hunting. Any guesses on what the minimum ilevel might be for the next expansion? I’d love to get their ilevel up to a decent place in order to future-proof them for the next expansion, but I don’t plan on devoting a whole lot of time to gearing them up.

Okay, before I jump into math, I wouldn’t worry too much about this. If history is any indication, Blizzard will put in a catch-up mechanics pre-8.0 that’ll make alt-gearing pretty easy. That said, here are some numbers…

  • Emerald Nightmare: 835 (LFR) to 880 (Mythic)
  • Trial of Valor: 845 (LFR) to 895 (Mythic)
  • Nighthold: 855 (LFR) to 910
  • Tomb of Sargeras: 885 (LFR) to 940 (Mythic)
  • Legendaries always +30 over Mythic max

The first three on that list are all technically the first raid tier of this expansion, which puts a 30 item-level difference between raid tiers. And given legendaries are always 30 over the current cap, it doesn’t seem too far off to assume Blizzard is going to continue using that differential.

In other words, the raid coming in 7.3 — which I’m convinced is the final major patch — will likely have an item level range of 915 (LFR) to 970 (Mythic), with legendaries (and Titanforged) capping off the expansion at item level 1,000. At that point, it seems like a good time to overhaul the item-level system, but before that happens, you can use that sort-of math to determine where a comfortable spot is for your alts pre-8.0.


Before I forget…2 Bosses Enter: Alexstrasza vs Ysera (assume Ysera is still alive).

I put my money on Alexstrasza, but mostly because she breathes fire and I like the color red more than green.

Okay, in addition to my question about underrated or inspirational works, here’s one more for y’all: How many questions does it take before you tune out and start doing some major skimming? I’m always torn between answering everything I can answer and keeping these short enough to not lose your attention, but I don’t actually know how long that attention lasts.

Lately, I’ve hovered around 8-10, but I’d love to hear your opinions on whether or not less is more… or if more is more — no wrong answers here! See ya next week!

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