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The QueueJun 27, 2017 11:00 am CT

The Queue: It is Tuesday

This title is factually accurate.

Thanks again for helping me with my question last week! Now let’s move on to your question!


Q4tQ, Follow up inspired by my last question: Do you think the many mechanics such as WQs being placed into the game to let people own their own gametime as opposed to “hoping the community accepts my offering of my time,” are at least partially as a result of Blizz realizing that the community is both their best and worst feature?

Think about it, the internet isn’t novel any more, nobody’s awed by “oooh those are other real people,” quite the opposite, if you’re playing WoW, you probably take this modern interconnectivity for granted. That tends to breed complacency and the epic, faceless rudeness that often is the current internet. As a game relying on the state of the internet for its outward facing impressions and quality, it stands to reason that Blizz might want to lessen the impact of an incressingly jaded internet community on the impressions and reception of their product, and WQs do that. Is this part (it’s clearly not all) of the motivation, you think?…

Or am I overthinking this? I do that sometimes.


See you guys next week!

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