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The QueueJun 29, 2017 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Follow that bird

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

Look, I’m not exactly unhappy about all the mounts you can get with Paragon rep, or the gorgeous array of new class themed mounts available. But look at that bird. Look at that amazing bird. I mean, it’s probably just a spell courtesy of Khadgar and all, but…I want that shiny bird. Can we get that shiny bird? I need to add it to my collection.

I’m just saying.


Based on the ending cinematic from The Tomb of Sargeras raid, who will lead us to Argus? Illidan, Khadgar, or Velen? Oh, please let it be Velen. :-)

/thumbs up

Well the thing is, it’s Velen’s homeworld — so you’d assume Velen would lead the way. However, Illidan is the one who’s been gunning for this mission all along, so he might step in. He kind of has a habit of stepping in when he doesn’t necessarily need to, at this point.


Are you aware of any helpful addons out there that assist in tracking main/alt order hall & weapon progression?

The only one I’m aware of at the moment is Class Order Halls Complete — it’ll track your Class Hall progress on all characters, along with Order Resources and Seals of Broken Fate. I don’t know of any that cover weapon progression offhand, though.

 Orkchop: Jeff from the Overwatch team, better with bear or without beard?

I prefer Jeff with a bear. Actually, I feel like all developers could benefit from the addition of an ursine companion. Nothing says “everyone please behave” like the watchful eyes of a grizzly poised to maul on command.

…but seriously though, Mr. Kaplan has a nice face structure that suits both beard and clean-shaven chin, and the game is awesome no matter which style he chooses, so whatever he happens to be rockin is cool with me.


Do we still need a working Exodar after what Illidan did?

On the one hand, I’d say yes, definitely — I mean things might appear to be a little more accessible at this point, but Argus is still another planet. Generally speaking, we’d either want an inter-dimensional ship for flying, or mage portals of some kind or another to make the transition from world to world easier. I mean even on Draenor, we had to jump through the Dark Portal completely blind before we could establish how to make portals back to our own world, you know? {PB}

On the other hand…well uh, it’s a good question whether or not the Exodar can even fly at this point. It needs to be repaired after everything that went down with Rakeesh and the Legion. And those dimensional ships are naaru technology — the Draenei have always had a naaru on board when they flew the things. With O’ros dead, that means there’s no naaru in the Exodar anymore, so the Draenei might have to find another one. I don’t actually know if they could fly it by themselves, we don’t have any records of the Draenei doing so.

I’m pretty sure that Velen is dead set on getting the Exodar off the ground again though, which sounds pretty good to me. If the place actually takes flight and comes back after we’re done with Argus, maybe that means we’re in store for a Draenei starting zone revamp (and a Blood Elf one in tandem) next expansion. Given that they are currently the only two areas that we’re unable to fly in on the classic world map, I’d say it’s high time to see them get a retouch, wouldn’t you?


Do you feel that some artifacts for some classes are more canonical then others I’ve been getting this feeling about the frost DK artifact

If I recall correctly, the stories behind every Artifact weapon in the game are canonical. It’s not the stories that aren’t canonical, it’s who possesses the weapons to begin with. It’s the same way with raid scenarios — you and your raid may have defeated the Lich King back in Wrath, but as far as lore is concerned, it was Tirion Fordring and an army of adventurers. It’s left deliberately open-ended on that front so that players can insert themselves into that story. I’m assuming the same will apply for Artifact weapons — the Artifact is being wielded by a Champion. They won’t go into detail beyond that, so everyone can happily self-insert their own characters as that Champion.


How excited are you to find out about the next #Overwatch hero , cough doomfist cough.

I’ve pretty much been not-so-patiently waiting for more information on Doomfist since we saw that initial cinematic. I mean, that weapon the kid grabbed was amazing. Who the heck wielded that thing, and why did Widowmaker and Reaper want it so badly? And then when I first saw the Numbani map, it only reinforced those questions. Posters all over the place talking about Doomfist, a museum exhibit, the Doomfist itself right there on the payload — I’ve been dying to know more. I’m hoping we’ll get info on not just the current Doomfist, but the history behind the weapon and the name. It sounds like there’s an interesting story there, you know?

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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