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Window view.

Window view.

Window viewwww!

I apologize.


I’m actually imagining guilds organizing full warrior raids going into ToV, found the idea kind of entertaining. Would it even work?

In theory it could.

What you’d need is a good mix of Protection Warriors with Impending Victory, Fury Warriors with very good situational awareness, and Arms Warriors with the Second Wind talent. It would help if you significantly outgeared the content, like fully Mythic Tomb of Sargeras geared Warriors running Normal ToV, for instance.

The Protection Warriors would trade off when they had Impending Victory ready to heal themselves up. The Fury Warriors would need to watch for incoming damage (I’d also spec Furious Charge to get 300% healing on Bloodthirst) and using Enraged Regeneration wisely. The Arms Warriors would just need to avoid taking damage for six or so seconds at a stretch, so they could help pinch hit for tanks on certain boss fights. Also, if everyone could get Mannoroth’s Bloodletting Manacles, that would probably help out a lot.

But it’s feasible,  with smart play and good situational awareness. Especially for Arms/Protection. Fury would need to work harder. But I think you’d want some Fury there for pure DPS.


Q4tQ: is Xe’ra now a part of illidan? if so, maybe we could strap illidan into The Exodar and have him fly.

Do you think he is Prepared for that?

Spoilers for Patch 7.3

No, she’s not.


I saw on YouTube this morning tons of videos about 7.3. It’s announced? I was so excited. I started to read up on it. Argus, here we come! I can’t wait! Then I read the blue post about it:
-Further chapters to the story
-New World Quests
-Profession updates
-Upgrade your artifact some more
-New dungeon
-New raid
-invasion points (repeatable content)
-Questing stuff like ToT and sandbox stuff like Timeless Isle.
-It’s a no fly zone.

After reading that all I could think was, “So, same $#!+, different planet?”

I have to admit, what I’ve seen of the story so far is so good I’m actively upset I can’t play it right now, so maybe I’m just not the right person to be talking to here. I mean, without throwing a ton of spoilers at you, I can say this — I’ve been saying for years now that I wanted certain things from Argus, and we’re getting all of them.

Sure, it’s still World of Warcraft. To a certain degree, we’ve seen all this kind of thing before. It’s like going to a fast food joint — you can’t be surprised when the menu is the same. But this is the best that menu has looked in years at this point. If Warlords had been this good, people would have exploded. Does it remind me of the Isle of Quel’Danas or Isle of Thunder/Timeless Isle or Tanaan? Sure does.

But those zones were all good. Tanaan wore out its welcome, sure, but it was still good. I’m ludicrously excited for what’s next, I want so bad to be there playing it. I mean, I’m literally blind in one eye and half blind in the other and I’m considering trying to get into an active raiding guild again just to do the raid on Argus, it’s that exciting to me. I’d even tank again, and I find tanking horribly stressful with my right side unable to see incoming mobs.

If you feel like you need to take a break, please do it. Don’t burn yourself out. We’ll still be here talking about WoW and other Blizzard games so you can keep up and if you decide to come back the game will be waiting for you. But for myself, this patch is amazing.


Q4TQ: Without revealing major 7.3 spoilers, do you think Blizzard is setting up something like “X Lights In The Darkness” for the final fight?

I am going to talk spoilers now. I will first put a picture of my Warrior doing something up, then I will talk spoilers, and then I will put another picture up. If you want to avoid these spoilers, scroll past both pictures.

I expect the various Titans will be involved in the Aggramar fight. Are these projections? Are they the actual Titans themselves in all their astonishing glory? Weren’t they slain by Sargeras? If so, how are they appearing on Argus? Are they flashbacks, remnants, perhaps other Keepers from a vault on Argus itself, built to help shepherd its World-Soul into sapience before the coming of Sargeras? Did he in fact choose Argus not because the Eredar were there, but because Argus himself was there? These are all good questions, and I don’t have an answer for any of them yet.

My suspicion is that Argus the Unmaker is a manifestation of the World-Soul of Argus the planet, which was on the cusp of being ‘born when Sargeras arrived and has endured a millennia long brainwashing program by Sargeras attempting to bring him over as a Fel Titan, just like he intends to do to Azeroth once we’re dead. Essentially, Sargeras is trying to make his own Fel Pantheon.

As for how the Titans could be there, I think it’s likely that they divided up their souls into every Keeper they made across the universe. The ones on Azeroth didn’t get as clear a sense of what had happened to them, but the ones on Argus did, and actually ‘became’ the Titans, as much as they could.

But that’s just a theory. We’ll find out more once we get to see more.

Okay, spoilers over.


Q4tQ: How likely do you think it would be if we just kept our artifacts after Legion, and they just got another tab(with new appearances obviously) of traits to assign for the next stage in progression? I mean, i just can’t see us going back to some random weapon after we’ve used these items of great power.

I do not think it likely. For one thing, they’ve been trumpeted as a Legion only mechanic for almost a year now. For another, I expect as many players want to go back to getting awesome drops as want to keep the Artifacts. Remember, your Artifact is basically like the Path of the Titans in a weapon form, it’s a whole alternate form of progression and not one everyone has embraced.

I’m not sure if we’ll just go back to getting weapon drops again or not. I honestly will miss the Artifact, especially once it has maxed out traits. It felt like a fun new way to interact with an item WoW has never tried before. Perhaps Artifacts 2.0 will be even cooler.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. I’ll see you all next week. Get hyped for 7.3, it’s my favorite patch. It’s everything I wanted 7.2 to be. It’s everything I’ve wanted Argus to be for years.

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