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DiabloJul 5, 2017 5:00 pm CT

Go behind the scenes with this Necromancer video

One thing I’ve never really thought about until just now is how games like Diablo 3 code their monster’s corpses. But when designing the Necromancer for the recent Rise of the Necromancer pack, that’s exactly what the folks on the team had to do. They had to design a new set of rules for what happens when something dies, because dead things are a big part of the Necromancer toolkit.

Unlike its predecessor, Diablo 3 didn’t start with the Necromancer. Once Blizzard got serious about designing them, that was just one of the challenges they faced. Suddenly the game’s frenetic, smash everything and leave their bodies strewn about the battlefield approach was a hindrance, and one that had to be solved. This behind the scenes video from the folks at Blizzard details that design challenge, and it’s a pretty fascinating watch.

The love for the Necromancer class and especially it’s Corpse Explosion ability (which I’ve seen mirrored pretty hard in the community since the pack came out) caused a lot of work redesigning the game’s methods for dealing with dead bodies. That’s pretty fascinating to me.

The whole video is a love letter to the Necromancer, and if the class interests you  it’s definitely worth watching for the enthusiasm of the team. Now get out there and blow up some corpses.

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