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News > WoWJul 7, 2017 6:00 pm CT

Here are your datamined dialog spoilers for Patch 7.3

I feel like I should be standing here wearing a top hat with a giant banner unfurling behind me screaming “Spoilers!” at the top of my lungs while the banner also reads Spoilers in fifty-foot-tall glowing letters, and also five-hundred-foot-tall letters of pure fire spell out the word Spoilers behind it all. In other words, if you read past this point, you’re going to get spoiled for Patch 7.3 — and a whole lot more.

The folks over at Wowhead have done their usual amazing work datamining the heck out of the patch, and in the process, they’ve discovered a whole heap of spoilers. So many of them, I don’t even know how to discuss it all. It is a lot of information. I’m not going to even try to discuss it all, but I will discuss some choice bits below this paragraph and after yet another spoiler warning.

Seriously, if you keep reading beyond this point, you’re going to get spoiled. Turn back now, or accept your fate.

The Windrunners

If you’re dying for Alleria and Sylvanas to interact, well, we don’t have that — but Vereesa does talk to Alleria about Sylvanas’ current situation. The full conversation is a bit longer, but even the beginning of it is chill-inducing:

There is more. I… I am not sure how to explain the rest. Or if this is even the time or place to-
I must know, Vereesa. What fate befell our sister?

In addition, Alleria addresses any Hunter wielding Thas’dorah, since it was her bow once as well:

I would have words with you, Huntmaster.

Thankfully, the rest of that conversation isn’t quite as portentous as the first line, but it does make one wonder if this isn’t setting up at least the Marksmanship Artifact — if not others — for a canonical passing-on from players.

The final battle

{PB} If you’ve listened to the last Lorewatch we recorded — which will be on the site next Monday if you haven’t — you’ll already know that the Titans are present in this patch and the Antorus raid. Turns out, one of our theories has proven correct. I’m not going to say more than that — if you want to know all the gory details, the post on Wowhead has them all.

But the following can be said for now: The Titans are present at the final battle, Argus does have a World Soul — and that World Soul is part of Sargeras’ plan for Azeroth — and a certain figure of great importance isn’t coming back from Argus. Also, we won’t just be fighting the Legion on Azeroth, but rather, taking the fight to other worlds as well in pursuit of demons to destroy.

The rest of the spoilers

One of the passages datamined reads like Xal’atath to me (Update: it’s since been confirmed as coming from Xal’atath), and that’s not good —  there’s also at least one datamined statement that bodes extremely poorly for the Alliance, saying that ‘she’ has already begun the process of betraying it from the inside:

So, your Alliance still endures. Longer than I expected, though she has already planted the seeds of its downfall. She is patient, that one.
When your thrones run red with betrayal… when your holy places burn and the shattered mask hangs above your hearth… only then you will know. And it will be too late.

Who is she? Well, that we don’t know yet. I wonder if it’s supposed to be Jaina, or if we’re just supposed to think it’s Jaina. A lot of players are hungry for any news, and there are reasons to think it’s her. But I find the following passages suspicious:

This one shows promise. The whispers lure her toward her fate.

The caterpillar has become the butterfly. She is all but ours now.

Now this is true beauty! At least one of the mortals in your midst can appreciate what it offers.

The reason these passages have me suspicious that it isn’t Jaina at all is because there’s another female character that we know is appearing in this patch, one who interacts with a Darkened Naaru to help create the Netherlight Crucible. She’s a pretty big candidate for the caterpillar who becomes a butterfly, and she could well bring about the end of the Alliance.

If I’m being too coy for you, and you’re determined to go find out exactly what happens, what Magni Bronzebeard has to do with any of this, and how it all ends — and whether or not Sargeras makes an appearance in 7.3 — then you know what to do. Go forth and spoil yourself.

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