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News > WoWJul 7, 2017 3:00 pm CT

Big changes to Artifact Knowledge may be coming in patch 7.3

Back in May, the maximum cap on levels of Artifact Knowledge was hotfixed down from 50 to 40 — the current cap. Right now on the PTR it looks like we’ll be heading back up to a maximum cap of 50 Artifact Knowledge in patch 7.3. Except this time, there won’t be a grind anymore. Instead, you’ll simply get a new level of Artifact Knowledge every week from levels 40 through 50.

Currently on the PTR all characters at max level have Artifact Knowledge 41. In addition, the Artifact Knowledge catch-up books have been changed to grey items, indicating that the current catch up mechanic is no longer in the game. Whether we just get bumped up to 41 as soon as we hit 110 or if there’s another catch up mechanic is as yet unknown. But it does seem that the change is intended, and that we’re not expected to spend Order Resources on Artifact Knowledge anymore.

With Relic Customization coming in patch 7.3, it seems that Blizzard has decided to streamline the acquisition of Artifact Knowledge. This may be in order to let players focus on that new feature, instead of grinding out AK to upgrade your Artifact. The new ranks multiple your percentage of AK as follows: {PB}

  • Level 40 — 4000100%
  • Level 41 — 5200100%
  • Level 42 — 6760100%
  • Level 43 — 8790100%
  • Level 44 — 11430100%
  • Level 45 — 14860100%
  • Level 46 — 19320100%
  • Level 47 — 25120100%
  • Level 48 — 32660100%
  • Level 49 — 42460100%
  • Level 50 — 55200100%

Since the Netherlight Crucible is coming in to allow for Relic Customization and we’re looking at some pretty massive multipliers to Artifact Power from AK levels, I can only assume that it will not be cheap to customize those relics. But at least you won’t have to worry about grinding up Order Resources if you’re on an alt.

The Wowhead post even points out that a new legendary is on the way — the Insignia of the Grand Army — that buffs the Light and Shadow powers granted by the Netherlight Crucible. This makes it likely to play a pretty big role in Patch 7.3, which in turn means the change to Artifact Knowledge makes even more sense. Right now it’s wait and see on what the catch-up mechanic is.

On live servers, you can spend your Order Resources to buy enough Artifact Research Compendiums to boost your AK to 40 as soon as you hit level 110. If that’s removed without any replacement in 7.3, a lot of players would be unhappy. It would take most of a year — 50 weeks — to get from AK 1 to AK 50 if there was no other method to catch up, whether it’s simply ‘everyone starts at level 41’ or some other mechanic.

I’m not at all sure what I’m going to do with all these Order Resources now, that’s for sure.

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