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The Queue: Peekaboo

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I really just wanted a screenshot of the crazy pretty skybox over Wyrmrest Temple in the leadup to the Ultraxion encounter, but said dragon managed to photobomb every shot. I guess it’s not enough that he’s there to unmake the world, he has to ruin all my photos while he’s at it. …good thing he’s a loot pinata at this point.


Legion states: “Kingdoms will burn.” No kingdoms have burned in the expansion so far. Do you really think at some point in the expansion, perhaps in the pre-patch to the next expansion, “kingdoms will burn”?

Well, if you count Varian Wrynn as a representative of his kingdom, he certainly burned. Or…you know, detonated. There was burning before the detonation. Probably.

Or hey, you could always look at Suramar, which is its own city/kingdom and definitely saw a lot of burning, as well as general unpleasantness. So did the Exodar, for that matter.


With DMF up last week, I decided to level a Rogue that i left languishing at 102; with rested XP and the Carousel buff, she dinged 110 in about half a day.


“Go see Khadgar… twice”
“Go to Suramar”
“Go challenge Odyn… AGAIN”
“Go to Broken Shore”
“Go take this thing to Anduin”
“Oh god, why is Khadgar’s floating head in my class hall?!?!?”

Liz pointed out some tips on prioritizing, but this all leads to my asking: WHY THE HELL DO WE STILL HAVE A QUEST LIMIT?!?!? It is damn near impossible to start all these things if you still have ANY “regular” quests left over from the zone progressions or crafting… and you definitely will if you used heirlooms/buffs to quickly level.


I have had to delete I don’t know how many quests from my Druid ’s log just to actually get some stuff done in the zone I was in at the time. The problem isn’t that there are too many quests — I mean, I view having a lot of quest content as a good thing, generally speaking — it’s how they’re being delivered.{PB}

I think that quest delivery system got a little sloppy somewhere along the line. Everyone seems to be really quick to hand out quests, and it feels like there’s no room to breathe and finish the quests you already have in your logs before you’re being ushered to another area with another lengthy, branching chain.

It’s more than a little annoying. Even more annoying is that they’ve removed the counter for quest limits, so you can’t even tell if you’re nearing that limit anymore. At least prior to that, I could see that I was sitting at 18/20 and I should probably clear some out before I moved on, you know? I know this isn’t really an answer to your question at all, but I thought I’d chime in and say I feel exactly the same. Either lift the limit, or give us the quest counter back.


How long is BT timewalking? Should I plan a whole night to do that?

It’s a pretty lengthy raid, so yes, I’d put a night aside for it because you’re apt to be in there for several hours. Keep in mind you can’t just buzzsaw your way through the place in Timewalking. Treat it like you would an actual raid night, because that’s what it is — a full-scale raid. The Black Temple is also gigantic, size-wise, so you’re going to be doing a lot of running even after you’ve cleared all the trash.


So qftq what profession is useful to gain gold? i know that eng is pretty bad at making gold, but only that :(

Any of the gathering professions seem to be a pretty solid investment. Both Herbalism and Mining are pretty lucrative, and Skinning isn’t a bad idea either — other professions use leather as well as herbs or ore. It’s probably not the best way to make gold, but it’s a pretty solid stream of income.


Q4TQ: We focus a lot about what’s going to happen to our artifact at the end of Legion, but what about our class hall? Even though they came together largely to fight the Legion, I can’t imagine my Warlock (for example) just abandoning Dreadscar Rift and his troops there.

We have a tendency to leave things behind once they’re no longer relevant, and I expect the same thing is going to happen with Class Halls. Our troops will move out and move on, Dalaran will return to being a floating city in the sky mostly populated by the Kirin Tor and the occasional alt scurrying through, and we’ll find a new place to call home.

I don’t think Dalaran is going to just vanish into thin air, though, so if you really wanted to go visit the old haunts, you could certainly do so. But I doubt they’re going to move forward with us. Maybe we’ll find some new places for Class Halls. Maybe we’ll move back to being more faction-aligned than class-aligned. Who knows?


Has it been said how Turalyon has survived all this time? He human, I thought, and they don’t live a thousand years, usually…

He does look pretty spry in that recorded message from Light’s Heart, doesn’t he? Keep in mind that we’re dealing with naaru here — we don’t actually know much about how they work. Maybe they keep everyone looking young, or maybe, much like Nordrassil back in the day, being around a naaru lengthens one’s life by a considerable margin. Velen is incredibly ancient, but he’s still got teeth in a fight, and all his wits around him as well.

Also keep in mind that timeline-wise, it’s only been about 22 years or so since Turalyon disappeared. It definitely has not been thousands of years, not on our end of things at any rate. This suggests there’s some temporal anomalies involved — it’s entirely possible Turalyon and Alleria both have been subject to some major time shifts that have kept them young and fighting. Having an army that doesn’t age at a normal rate seems like it’d be a handy thing to have when fighting against an enemy that doesn’t really die, unless encountered in specific circumstances.

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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