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DiscussionJul 17, 2017 8:00 am CT

Are there games you’d rather watch than play?

I think Hearthstone is fascinating to watch, especially when two seasoned players with fancy decks go at it. But I have zero interest in playing the game. I actually do want to play Overwatch, but my eye issues mean that I’m generally not a good player. I prefer watching it because that way I don’t ruin anyone else’s game. And I have yet to play a single game of Starcraft II, but I’ve watched a ton of it.

Some games seem to reward a level of reflexes and fast reaction that I don’t have anymore. Others simply aren’t my cup of tea, but are fascinating to watch. I think Diablo 3 is an example of a game I can watch or play about evenly. But I find World of Warcraft videos utterly boring. I can play the game and enjoy it a lot, but having to watch someone else play it does absolutely nothing for me. I can play Heroes of the Storm and like it a lot more than watching it be played. But I still watch it more than I can WoW videos.

So what about you? Do you prefer watching any Blizzard game to playing it? Or will you always be more excited to get in there and mix it up yourself? What games could you spectate on and be happy for it?

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