The QueueJul 31, 2017 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Welcome to Monday

This Monday started out with a walk and a cup of coffee. Not a bad day so far. And then I got home and found that I didn’t get the bonus on a 98% chance. Thanks RNG.


Q4tQ: what’s happened that got you to play a game for a lot longer than you intended?

It happened to me this morning. I was playing my DK, leveling her through Draenor, when I got my first armor piece in Spires of Arak. That zone’s plate armor set is this:… I thought, that looks cool, and I don’t have any of it because my warrior is my blacksmith and thus leveled through the garrison mine, and my paladin was my level 100 boost. So I figure I’ll quest until I get the entire set.

Nearly three hours and two and a half levels later, I finally got all of it. >_< I wanted to level up more than one alt this morning, but nooooo… On the plus side, she’s now halfway to 99, so her trip through Nagrand will be a short one. One more alt nearly ready for the Broken Isles. (Also, that armor looks good on a night elf, but is going to be awesome on my pandaren warrior.)

For me it’s when I get lost in the story. Whatever that type of story is, be it cut-scenes or straight up text and minimal graphics (think Baldur’s Gate I and II), a solid story does it for me. WoW certainly has this aspect to it, but sometimes it can seem a bit … expected. That isn’t because I’ve ran the content a million times, but more that I think sometimes the story as of late is to be expected. I’ve come to really enjoy left turns.

Final Fantasy XIV.

The single biggest left turn at the end of A Realm Reborn I’ve ever experienced. I honestly got emotional, my jaw just dropped and I had to sit and collect myself after. The continuation of it in Heavensward and the repercussions felt throughout Stormblood weave a tale that’s GRRM worthy. I gather this is sticking in my mind right now because I’ve been playing it more; but there’s a really good reason I have been; the story keeps me going.

The other way that keeps me going is when I get in a group that I like, be it in a guild or with a good random group. I had one of those dungeon finder groups the other day with timewalking that was just plain good and decided to queue for the next four dungeons together. Unexpected and good.


Currently working on a fresh WoW install on the new PC (wooo!), and am wondering what exactly it means by “playable”. How is a game playable with only 2G of 40G installed? Are the other 38G of files and code considered non-essential personnel, or something?

In general I’ve found that the game tends to be playable with a fair bit of loading screens and waiting for the needed assets. The older zones load faster, but the newer zones can take a bit. Use at your own risk, in a very big way.



Is finishing still worth it? I’m not sure that I want to level it up on my Demon Hunter.

Getting the artifact is a challenge, although not impossible by any means. I’m (about) halfway there in getting it.

That said, fish still fetch a fair amount on the auction house and it’s worth for the cooking recipes alone. I’d just be prepared to put on Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix and watch through all seven season as you fish… not really kidding.


q: Alex had a sense of humor?

Yes, I do.


How difficult is it to get groups in Diablo 3 these days?

I think it may depend on the time of day that you play, but when I’m on during the evening I never have a problem. I also don’t run at low difficulty, which means sometimes I’m carried; but no one seems to complain very often.

As an ending note, I wanted to point out that we all heard from ANGRYORC this weekend. Glad you’re good!

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