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The QueueAug 28, 2017 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Seven oh three, checking in

Everyone hyped for tomorrow? Time to go planet hopping.


On the topic of artifact weapons, did anyone else find it odd that demon hunters didn’t get the flames of Azzinoth or whatever? Like, there’s lore behind the class, but it’s relatively shallow compared to other classes with much longer game histories behind them. I dunno.

They’re called the Warglaves of Azzinoth, important point for all those that farmed them for countless Black Temple runs.

That said, they’re available as a transmog item for Demon Hunters only in the timewalking version of the Black Temple. More info over on Wowhead.


A GoT question that is too spoiler filled to display, so it can be found here. The answer is not spoiler filled, however.

The first book was published in 1996. 21 years ago. We knew what was going to happen last night in the final scene. We always knew it was coming. 21 years of foreshadowing and it finally happened.

Does his possession of the notable item referenced in the question increase his chances of success? Yes, absolutely. He always was going to have a good chance at success though. The Great War (or the War for the Dawn) was foretold, and there can be no war without significant chance of the other side winning.

What happened last night, because of that thing asked about in the original question? That just made things worse for the entire realm. But we knew this was coming for 21 years. It’s not even grammatically correct to type out twenty one years; so no one complain to me that I’m spoiling anything (I’ve hid the subject, which is a minor spoiler, but itself has been opined over for at least the last 15 years in ASOFAI circles).

I was an emotional trainwreck watching last night’s episode. That one death, so perfect. The lone wolf dies but the pact survives. The death that was suddenly possible and entirely, selflessly inflicted, tears welled in my eyes, choked back by the disservice to missing it were it to occur. The other death that nearly happened, my god I yelled at my TV. The brothers meeting. That whole conference; it’s synonymous with the dinner table chapter from Dune. It transcended filmmaking and etched itself upon the halls of great storytelling.

And um…. where the hell are Pod and Bronn?!?


Q4tQ: Have Class-Specific Legendaries ruined the Tier-Set Bonuses?

Intersting question.

In some ways the bonuses have gotten a bit boring during this expansion, but what they’ve provided has been replaced by other items; and I don’t really think it’s the artifact weapons that are doing it. If you look at the artifact weapon trees they’re very reminiscent of Vanilla WoW’s version of skill trees. Nothing crazy, a lot of increase to X stat or Y activity. Set bonuses basically take this as well (to some extent, people will no doubt argue over how right I am, but for the sake of this argument, read one).

The real culprit of the lessening of set bonuses comes from the legendary gear.

Those are where things that used to exist as set bonuses appear, that key thing that makes you not want to take off the gear because you’re going to miss the bonus. My hunter will have her legendary ring pried from her cold dead hands before she gives it up. That thing is overpowered to the extreme.

In a lot of ways this has made life easier for the designers as well, instead of having to balance an insane amount of variability in each tier, the amplitude of the tier’s variability it lessened and it becomes much easier to weigh set bonuses against one another.


Are Warlord of Draenor heroic dungeons soloable at 110?

Good question. I’m putting it out here for visibility because I don’t know the answer. Certainly Mists raids and dungeons are soloable, but I haven’t tried WoD dungeons myself.

I have heard that some of the bosses scale to 110 though, which would make them difficult, if not outright impossible, to solo.

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