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WoWSep 5, 2017 8:32 pm CT

Argus bugs, PVP balancing, and more in latest WoW hotfixes

The latest WoW hotfixes honed in on PVP balancing as well as other odds and ends in the bug department, especially concerning the new chapters in the Argus patch 7.3 story. For PVP, all classes had their chance to dodge and parry increased in PVP situations. Previously it was a reduced chance of 20%, which has been increased to 30%. Also, if anyone found stealth a little wonky in the Dalaran Sewers, stealth effects won’t be removed anymore when Dalaran Sewers starts.

As for Argus, anyone questing around today will have noticed some odd bugs. There was a brief time this morning when some of the quests actually removed Army of the Light reputation. This was fixed within the hour of the initial reports but has been included in the notes for posterity. If you did the Lightforged Warframe quests, you probably got ported back to the base instead of leaving the tower by yourself, which caused many people to have to hoof it back over there to prompt the mini-cinematic. This has also been fixed and will now only port you there after the questline ends.

Other bugs as well as PVP balancing for some classes also made it into the hotfixes. Check out the full notes below.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)


  • A treasure hidden off the edge of the Antoran Wastes has now been moved on to the island.
  • The Paraxis now fires at player locations, allowing players to avoid the damage from the effect.


  • Druid
    • Feral
      • Thrash should now be able to proc Ashamane’s Bite and Primal Fury without requiring the Tier 19 2-piece bonus.


  • Flight Master’s Whistle should no longer go on cooldown if the cast is canceled.
  • Players should no longer be able to use high item level Holiday items at low levels.

Player versus Player

  • Players have a 30% reduced chance to Dodge and Parry attacks while in PvP situations (was 20%).
  • Stealth effects should no longer be removed when Dalaran Sewers starts.
  • Death Knight
  • Unholy
    • Crypt Fever damage reduced by 25%.
    • PvP template Strength reduced by 2%.
  • Frost
    • PvP template Strength reduced by 3%.
  • Demon Hunter
  • Havoc
    • PvP template Agility reduced by 3%.
  • Druid
    • Balance
      • Circadian Invocation will no longer keep the Druid and target in combat for an extended time.
    • Feral
      • Brutal Slash now deals 40% less damage in PvP situations.
      • PvP template Agility reduced by 3%.
      • PvP template Armor increased by 15%.
      • PvP template Versatility increased by 20%.
      • PvP template Stamina increased by 5%.
      • Feral Instinct increases damage you deal by 2.5% per rank in PvP situations (was 5%).
  • Monk
  • Windwalker
    • Serenity increases your damage deal by 16% in PvP situations (was 22%).
  • Paladin
  • Holy
    • Avenging Crusader healing should now properly scale with Versatility.
  • Retribution
    • Templar’s Verdict deals 7% less damage in PvP situations.
    • Divine Storm deals 7% less damage in PvP situations.
  • Rogue
  • Subtlety
    • PvP template Agility reduced by 3%.
    • Symbols of Death increases your damage by 10% in PvP situations (was 15%).
    • Catlike Reflexes increases Dodge chance by 5% in PvP situations (was 20%).
  • Warrior
  • Arms
    • PvP template Strength reduced by 2%.


  • Endless Halls
  • Your camera should no longer occasionally flip around when moving between rooms in the Endless Halls.
  • You should no longer be able to get stuck on the objects in the middle of the Endless Halls rooms.


  • “Commander’s Downfall” and “Felfire Shattering” should no longer remove Army of the Light Reputation.
  • Players who are removed from the Lightforged Warframe during the quest “Lord of the Spire” will no longer be prematurely teleported back to Destiny Point.
  • Hadrox and Radix should now have an appropriate amount of health when engaged for “Slumbering Behemoths”.

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