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The Queue: Future Mitch, put a title here

…Oh fudge. Way to drop the ball, Past Mitch!


Q4tQ, lore types: Ok, can I get a straight answer as to whether Argus is considered “twisting nether enough” to deal final deaths to demons that die on Argus? I’ve heard conflicting reports both in game and out of it on this front and I’m officially confused. I’ve heard it’s not the twisting nether, which ok, it’s a planet, that makes sense I guess, but then I’ve heard that Argus is like… In the twisting nether. It can’t be both, right?

Okay, so, I had the exact same question as soon as Turalyon mentioned one of the World Quest demons being reborn. Naturally, I went to Anne! Her answer was essentially, “That’s a spoiler, but there IS an answer.”

In other words, we should be finding out today — but at the latest, it’ll be next week. The answer is part of the Argus storyline. The important part here is, there is an answer… Blizz didn’t just wing it with the demon lore as it pertains to Argus.


QftQ: Why do we sometimes become transparent when we fly or walk through the Vale of Eternal Blossoms? Is it a phasing bug?

QftQ: Has Mitch attempted the Lucid Nightmare maze yet? And if so, how did it go?
We want to hear all about it

QftQ: After troggs and yetis, what monster model is in the most need of a revamp?

My vote is drakonids. They look so outdated in some places like Dragon Soul.

1. I don’t actually have an answer to this… it’s not something I’ve experienced. Commenters, awaaaaayyyy!

2. Yes! I have the mount as of Sunday, and the maze was… it was something. I absolutely loved it, but wow, it took me a while. I think it was something like 3 hours total? I’m sure at least 1/3 of that was finding the stupid red orb. I started drawing a map pretty early on, and I made it pretty far… but then I messed up somewhere (or forgot to account for multiple floors) and stopped for a bit. Then, when I found another orb, I started over again…. before, once again, screwing the map up.

Seriously, I think I made at least four maps during the whole thing because I kept confusing myself and then trying over sometime later. It was a doozy, but I still loved it. I admit, I eventually got the red orb mostly by running around aimlessly, but mapping it all out certainly helped at times.

I do sort of wish there had been some rhyme or reason to where you had to go. Maybe not as easy as Ocarina of Time’s Lost Woods “follow the sound” puzzle, but… something. Especially taking into account multiple floors, this puzzle felt borderline cruel at times. I still loved it, but I would love to know if we’re missing something in the way of figuring it out.

3. I’m always torn on model reworks, because there’s a tinge of nostalgia with seeing outdated models, but aside from your two suggestions, some of the old Critters could really be updated. Squirrels, cows, etc.

There are a lot of models in WoW, though, and I’m sure I’m missing a better answer.


Q4Q: Who is your favorite battle pet, and why?

Q4Q: Italian sausage, Polish sausage, or German sausage?

Q4Q: As we begin the last major patch of possibly the greatest expansion since Wrath… what do you think of Legion Shadow Priest?

Q4Q: New Shadow Priest aesthetic: yay, nay, or uglay?

  • Lil KT, because everything about it fits my aesthetic.
  • I’m a vegetarian, man! No sausage for me, sorry!
  • I love it, but I think AOE could definitely use a rework.
  • Everything except the new Shadowform is tops. Shadowform looks… I don’t know, it doesn’t fit. There are times when it legitimately looks like a purple, texture-less overlay, and I would have preferred something closer to the old Shadowform. But I love everything else about the new animations, so I’m really not all that upset.


Q4tQ: has Illidan redeemed himself in your estimation, post-SPOILER? Was he in need of redemption before, in your estimation?

{PB} I’m not sure “redeemed” is the right word, nor do I necessarily think he needed redemption. Redemption, to me, implies he saw the folly of his ways and wanted to turn over a new leaf. If anything, his actions in the Xe’ra cinematic — it’s been a week now, I’m gonna talk about it — prove that he’s pretty much the same individual he was before. He’s always been more of an antihero than a villain, and that’s exactly what he continues to be.

Now, in terms of Legion, what he did in the cinematic definitely makes me like him more. He shut up the space wind-chime fangirl, which I think most players wanted to do at this point. I’d have rooted for Sargeras if it ensured that outcome, to be totally honest.


QftQ: Who finally finished the Family Familiar pet achievement?


Congrats!!! This one is seriously tough to do and, frankly, I don’t know if I’ll ever actually get it done. Well done! :)


Okay, so I finished up the dang secret mount quest, and it left me with a question: this is a very Old God themed quest, even the name “Lucid Nightmare” reminds me of Yogg-Saron (“I am the lucid dream”). Almost every place we visit has some connection with the Old Gods *except* Gnomeragan and the Karazhan crypts. Do you think this means that those two places will be the sites of future OG incursions? They’re both underground.

As I was working through the Lucid Nightmare’s chain, I was definitely wondering how exactly it tied into the future of WoW…but I’m not sure it does, exactly. These riddles are, in my opinion, sort of a work-in-progress on the WoW team’s (and primarily Jeremy Feasel’s) parts. That’s not to say they’ve been incomplete, but I think the approach and how much it ties into the rest of WoW is still up in the air.

Old Gods are a big part of WoW, and will most likely tie into the next expansion. But — and, again, this is my take — it seems like these mount quests are first and foremost about the puzzle. I’m guessing Feasel and co. took an Old God theme and ran with it where they could, but threw in a few other curveballs for the sake of making a puzzle, rather than trying to tell some secret story.


Q4tQ: Considering that “Rejection of the Gift” cinematic, do you think Heroes will adopt an Lightlord illidan skin, along the similar vein to them doing Dreadlord Jaina?

I’m torn between thinking they actually will do this and hoping they will. But given the Heroes team, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this skin at some point — I’m hoping it’s sooner rather than later, but I don’t want to rush the product, either.


Q4tQ: What in WoW would you show a new player to sell them on the game?

Q4tQ: What’s your go to drink (alcoholic or non) that you go to regularly? What’s your favourite?  There’s a beer I was able to get in Chicago that I can’t get in Edmonton called Dragons Milk.  I miss it, It haunts my dreams.

Q4tQ: What kind of pie is best? And why is it apple lemon raisin?

1. I guess it depends on the person, because there’s a lot to like about the different aspects of the game, buuuuuut… I think I’d showed them the cinematics. Not only do they feel epic, they also show off the major story moments in the game and how they carry weight in a game populated by thousands and thousands of people.

2. I’m pretty sure we have Dragon’s Milk here in Michigan, just FYI. Really, though, I think coffee is my go-to drink. It’s cheaper than alcohol, tastes more exciting than water, and can be had at any time of the day. When it comes to alcoholic drinks, I like mojitos, but bars never seem to have the mint to make them >:(

3. Uhm… cheesecake. It is a pie, for the record. And it’s the best.


Q4tQ: why is it that when I get a bag of harvested goods on Argus it has items from Azeroth in it?

Look, man, not everyone who goes to Argus actually lives to see the future they might have otherwise had. You’re picking up the belongings of lesser heroes — heroes who’ve left behind more than just the goods that passed from creature to creature until they found you.


2BE: Lothraxion vs illidan

Actual 2BE that might prove to be an even fight: Velen vs illidan

Illidan loses in both cases. In the first, because Lothraxion is freaking awesome looking. In the second, because Velen is… well, Velen. Ever seen him mad? He’s not the kind of person you want to mess with.

That’s today’s Queue! Leave lots of questions for Liz. Also GIFs. I’m sure she’ll love that.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the header… that’s a funny story. Someone on Twitter randomly asked me to make a Murloc wallpaper for them — I have no idea, and I told them I wasn’t more than a humble MS Paint Master, but they seemed perfectly content with whatever I was going to make. So… I made that.

(Also, like the title, it was going to be a placeholder header for today’s Queue, but then I decided I liked it too much to change.)

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