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Discussion > Heroes of the StormSep 19, 2017 8:00 am CT

Do you prefer new Heroes or new skins?

Heroes of the Storm just debuted a D.Va with a Deathwing skin and a lot of people are going nuts for it. But at the same time, others are pointing out that this makes it a lot less likely we’ll actually get a Deathwing playable hero any time soon, much as how Nova’s Widowmaker skin means we’re less likely to get a full kitted out Widowmaker hero. In some cases that makes sense — honestly, how are you going to make a Widowmaker hero that’s significantly different in terms of gameplay from Nova? Yes, we got a new playable Ana hero, but Ana has a different kit than Widowmaker and there’s stuff you can do with the healing bullets and tranqs that Widowmaker simply doesn’t bring to the table.

But it’s very hard to make the case that D.Va and Deathwing share kits. One is a Korean pro gamer and defense force member, the other is an ancient dragon that seeks to destroy the world with his volcanic hate. They’re not exactly separated at birth, here. Yet making a D.Va skin out of Deathwing really does mean we are much less likely to get a real Deathwing and it means we’re not going to get anything like Deathwing out of playing D.Va aside from the skin itself.

But what do you, the readers at home, think? Is it all cool and you’re just happy to get the fun new skin, or would you have rather they left Deathwing’s appearance to Deathwing?

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