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DiscussionSep 21, 2017 8:00 am CT

I keep rerolling that Troll Druid just because Troll cat form is the best thing ever

I run old content for transmog items I already have just because it’s fun.

I do Diablo 3 Greater Rifts for the same reason. It’s just fun for me to log in, blast one out, and then go on with my day.

I keep rerolling that Troll Druid just because Troll Cat Form is the best thing ever, and I love just running around Orgrimmar as a colorful striped cat.

I do these things not for power, or for gold, but because they’re fun. Sometimes I worry that we lose sight of fun in gaming — out to clear the newest content, beat the other players, and otherwise play the right way. I do this to myself all the time — anyone who has ever run a dungeon with me knows about this. I treat tanking like I’m the head of a covert strike force instead of something I’m doing to have fun and play a game.

I’m working on it. One of the mixed blessings of my eye problems is that I no longer do mythic raiding. I’m no longer on the cutting edge of the game. I’m not competing with anyone anymore. And that means I can actually do silly things, get achievements, go to the Isle of Thunder and make troll mobs run away in error of me and my Artifact. That’s seriously just the most fun ever. Take my Gnome Monk out for a spin and tank low level stuff with the infamous Keg Smash? Don’t mind if I do.

What do you do to combat the hyper serious anti-fun moments we all find ourselves in? What do you do just because it’s fun?

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