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The Queue: Mitchtopia

I purchased Stardew Valley for the Switch over the weekend and I’m more than a little obsessed with it. I mean, I sort of knew what I was getting into, but it still feels really nice to be this into a game. Not a whole lot of games manage to steal me away from WoW, Heroes, and so forth this effectively. It’s a nice, peaceful game….with occasional moments of unexpected realism.

Sadly, this first “question” is not entirely nice and peaceful.


I don’t want to affect the discourse of the comments too much, so I’ll keep this brief. The Queue box is back, but it was only gone for, what, the weekend? The weekend over which none of us work? Some of the comments regarding its disappearance were far too much on the “just plain mean” end of the feedback spectrum, and that’s really Not Okay.

If it had been gone a week, with us clearly receiving the feedback, saying we’ll do something, and then not doing something… yeah, okay, get mad. But myself and the other writers here deserve constructive criticism, not anger — and, frankly, you’re all better than that.

We do what we can, with what we can, as fast as we can. If you’d take a different tone or say different words face-to-face, maybe consider that before posting a comment.

We good? Good. Let’s get back to the fun stuff.


What ilevel is considered over-geared for the Mage Tower challenges?

I’m not sure there’s an end-all, be-all answer for this. Originally, it was tuned roughly around a 910 minimum, I believe. I’d say the average player would still find it rough or at least pretty challenging at 920-925. Which, in my estimate, puts 930 around the point where things become a bit easier. For your cutting-edge player, though? 915 was probably overkill.

Basically, it entirely depends on the player, the specific encounter, the gear (e.g., Prydaz’s life-saving shield), and so forth. Some of these fights have mechanics that can’t really be outgeared, which means item level won’t always matter. Some of them have hard DPS requirements, which means item level has more value. It just depends. Err on the side of caution, aim high.


Is anyone else a little disappointed in the lack of races that make up the Army of Light? I realize they were probably down to their last ship, but it’s a human, a high elf (or void elf?), a naaru, a dreadlord, and lots of draenei. I had just thought/hoped that we’d see some representatives that they may have managed to save along the way.

I mean, the Legion’s thing is sort of wiping out planets/civilizations. The ones on the ship are the ones who have managed to evade all-out destruction, and they haven’t really had the opportunity to go around in their ship and gather stragglers to aid their cause. So, lore-wise, I think it makes enough sense.

However, I definitely think it would have been cool to see more Light-infused demons Xe’ra “converted” over the years. But I’m not really sure what other known races they’d have encountered over the years besides maybe the Ethereals who… Xe’ra probably didn’t like.


AlmostA2BEButNotQuite: 6 Overwatch Heroes needed to raid Tomb of Sargeras. Who do you send in, and why?

  • Reinhardt — because I love hearing him talk, and he has a giant shield.
  • Sombra — because she’s a total badass who can hack basically anything.
  • Ana — because she’s freaking awesome.
  • Reaper — because we’d need some AOE.
  • Symmetra — because her shields are great but her laserz are greater.
  • Genji — because someone on the team needs to complain about needing heals.


Q4tQ: What are your thoughts on major hero talent reworks for HoTS? Zuljin is the latest hero to get major reworks with the Junkrat/Halloween patch and I think they look great! Making “You want axe” a baseline talent is going to free up some options at 1. Looking forwards to it!

Personally, I like them. It can be a bit frustrating if your favorite hero goes through one of these and doesn’t feel the same after the patch, but I still think it’s good overall. Hero reworks help keep things fresh, and bring older heroes more in-line with the latest playstyles. Plus, the roster of heroes is so big that I doubt one rework is going to completely negate your interest in playing — unless you literally only play one hero.


QftQ: Is the math in, are the 950 missions now worth it after the hotfixes?

For the unaware, what Elained is referring to here are the Lightforged missions that you unlock after completing all the follower quests and such on Argus. Originally, turning in that final quest and unlocking the Lightforged missions was not worth it over just keeping the 925 missions and sending out a bunch of OP followers. {PB}

This was hotfixed last week to help fix this and encourage players to complete the final quest, buuuuuuut I’m still not entirely sure it’s worth it. I couldn’t find a whole lot of definitive proof, but the original forum post has been updated and the poster and some commenters seem to think it’s still not worth it. Personally, I’m perfectly content with the rewards and costs of the non-Lightforged missions, so I’m just going to keep doing those until Antorus missions are out.


Does anyone know how to get in the demoloshers in Ulduar? All the guides say to ride one up to the first boss but I can’t figure out how to activate them.

As pointed out, you have to either talk to Brann (to start the regular mode of the encounter) or talk to the Titan construct (to start the ‘hard mode’ of it) in order to activate the vehicles. Now, it’s really not all that necessary to make use of these vehicles, but there are achievements for beating the boss while in each of the three options, so if that’s your thing, go for it.


How are we not getting overpowered when you can 1-shot all the mobs anywhere outside of Argus. Argus mobs are suppose to be harder to kill. The other zones are pathetic now though once you have some Argus gear. If Anything Blizz needs to go the other route with scaling and make it even harder to kill stuff for longer. Mobs in the current xpac (be it in instances or the questing world) should never be one-shot-able. A group of 5+ mobs in a current dungeon (no matter what difficulty) shouldn’t be dead before I can even finish casting Chain Lightning when I started the cast before anyone else was attacking them. And mobs die even faster in Timewalking dungeons, they are a complete joke now. If you want to feel over-powered go kill stuff from the last xpac. Mobs in the current expansion should be harder to kill.

I see both sides of this, and I’m not sure there’s a perfect answer. Yes, it’s a bit ridiculous that we’re so strong against mobs in the original Broken Isles zones. But also, it’s kind of fun to be able to mindlessly slaughter Legion forces in those starting areas.

And if we weren’t getting stronger against them, how fun would that feel? If you remember, there was a point when one of the patches (maybe 7.1?) “accidentally” caused Broken Isles mobs to scale with item level, which made them significantly harder, even for level-110 players.

People were not happy. At all.

There’s probably a happy medium where things can scale with item level on a more forgiving curve than that original “bug,” but not feel so punishing as to make gearing feel insignificant. I think I’d be okay with that, provided it actually works as intended across all item levels.


QftB (Question for the Boss): I’d like to ask Adam as the boss, what kind of mechanics he’s have if he were a boss fight.

Unfortunately for you, Adam is not here today and will also not be here next week. But I still like this question, so I’m gonna answer it anyway, gosh darn it!

I would definitely have a pun mechanic/ability that inflicted increasing damage over time. This could act as a soft enrage, since — after so many puns — you just wouldn’t be able to handle all the punny. I’d probably also throw in a long-cast-time pun that one-shots (or close to one-shots) the raid… this would need to be interrupted with a specific item or something in the room, and using said item/ability would cause the user to yell, “Mitch no!”

Of course, we have to throw in some grammar to the encounter. Maybe during a transition phase, books could fly off nearby shelves and you’d have to pick the one that’s grammatically correct. If you pick wrong, all the books frenzy and start attacking you.

Finally, the last phase would be me taking you into the Void realm and just, like, summoning millions of tentacles to attack you. It’s not weird, though.

Oh, and the Mythic-only mechanic would be an invisible Jovan add that needs to be off-tanked the whole time by a ranged DPS.

There’s your Queue for today! Sorry about that first one — I still love you guys, I promise <3. I just want everyone to get along. Please discuss what boss mechanics Liz might have and hopefully give her a decent laugh in the process. Also maybe ask questions or something, I dunno.

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