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Diablo > Discussion > WoWOct 18, 2017 8:00 am CT

How do you deal with gaming interruptions?

This has been a really eventful month for me. For one thing, I’m moving. This means my cable is getting shut off this week, for example. There’s a ton of packing that needs doing. My wife’s aunt is coming up to help and still there’s just so, so much to do and pack up. And yes, we hired movers but still, no cable means no internet and no internet means no World of Warcraft or Diablo 3 and that means I’m out one of my main stress release activities in one of the most stressful times you can have.

Can’t run dungeons or LFR, can’t do World Quests, can’t grind rep. Can’t do any play on my soon to be no longer Seasonal Barbarian. Just a lot of not able to play at the time I could really use a distraction because the cats are upset and all my stuff is in boxes and there’s a velociraptor chasing me. Well, okay, not that last part, but it feels like it. You have no idea how much I’ve come to rely on spinning through hosts of demons to help deal with things that are bothering me, guys. This is a real crisis.

So I turn to you. You’re a sensible, reasonable bunch. How do you cope with sudden enforced periods of gaming interruption? Do you read more? I already read a lot, but I’ll try anything. Does it just not bother you all that much in the first place? Do you have offline games you can play when this happens? Share your secrets with me, friends.

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