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The QueueOct 20, 2017 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: It’s time to panic

My wife and I are moving this weekend — just got the keys to the new place today and we’re slowly migrating stuff over now. The movers will be here tomorrow so we still have quite a bit of stuff to do tonight and yes I’m panicking of course I’m panicking we’re moving tomorrow and we’re not ready we’re not even close to ready.

Deep breaths. You can do this. You’ve done it before.

Anyway here’s the Queue.


I had to stop playing WoW because of school and other time commitments. Is that okay?

Sure is! Real life trumps video games. You can always come back when your schedule permits. Believe me I haven’t logged on much at all this week. As in, I haven’t logged on this week. We’re moving! So much stuff to do!


Is the Maelstrom still a crater spewing titan blood, or did Deathwing’s portal to Deepholm seal the wound (with molten stone or whatever)

When the Well of Eternity collapsed, the Maelstrom became like a scar over it — the power that generates the Maelstrom is the Titan Soul of Azeroth itself. So no, there’s no Titan Blood as such — think of the Maelstrom as scar tissue. Deathwing used the ambient power being emanated by the Maelstrom to punch through from Deepholm but if the Titan’s blood was actually leaking out into the water it would potentially turn all of Azeroth’s oceans into a new Well of Eternity.

All it took was a few vials of the original Well’s water to create the new Well, remember. If it was leaking Titanblood constantly into the ocean for 10,000 years, it could be catastrophic.


Where have the barbarians gone to in Sanctuary? (I don’t play them, so please don’t hurt me)

They’ve scattered. Some are still living in what’s left of Sescheron and other former Barbarian settlements in what’s now called the Dreadlands and what used to be called the Northern Steppes. Ever since Tyrael destroyed the Worldstone and Arreat exploded, the central tenet of Barbarian society — “Protect the Worldstone” — has been essentially gone. With it went their social unity and indeed many died in the initial explosion of Arreat. What remains of the Barbarian people are either wandering nomadic tribes or have gone mad and feral. These former Barbarians are known as the Unclear and they’ve devolved to cannibalism and murder and often prey upon their own kin, who return the violence in an attempt to purge their people by exterminating them.

In other words it’s pretty awful to be a Barbarian in Sanctuary right now.


If Blizz ever gave us a chariot for a mount, what would you want yours pulled by?
I have made it known for some time that I want two he-goats like the Norse Thunder God.

Infinitely recursive chariots, ever smaller ones.


I’m hoping to tackle the Prot Paladin Challenge Artifact Quest soon. There are two legendaries that I think would really help. I know WQ and such are the best chance of getting a legendary, but is there a way to target which legendary procs or increase the odds of one appearing over the other?

Honestly I’ve found the best way to get a Legendary is to do as much content that drops gear as possible — so don’t focus solely on World Quests, but run dungeons, mythics, raids and LFR if you can/have the time. The more times an item drops and it’s not a legendary the better your odds of a legendary dropping become.

Razwick is right when he says the only way to target which legendary you get is by buying the tokens, however. If a legendary results from a token, it will be the same slot as that token.


Does Odyn have that weird firebeard because underneath it he has a gnome face, and it’s his greatest shame?

Why would he be ashamed of that?

Also, no, Ragnaros melted his face and that beard is actually his face constantly melting.


Where do you suppose blood magic fits in on the cosmology chart? I would assume either Fel or Death, or in between.

Blood Magic is interesting because it’s sacrificial in nature — you’re trading life for power, basically. The quest Life Blood defines Blood Magic as a kind of Life magic, so I’d put it in Life — the fact that it’s being sacrificed doesn’t change the fact that the power isn’t death or necromantic in nature.


Over the last few expansions, we’ve been able to discover quite a bit about the origins of most of the races in WoW. Do we yet know anything about the origins of the Draenei? Are they ultimately derived from Titan creations like humans, dwarfs, and orcs? I was hoping more of this would be apparent after we visited Argus but so far I haven’t seen much of anything.

We know that there are Titan facilities and a Titan soul on Argus (Antorus is identified by Alleria as Titan construction) and we know that the Eredar and Draenei were native to the world at least so far as we know, but that’s all we know right now. We don’t know if they were Titan constructs or naturally evolved there. Perhaps Antorus will reveal more about their origins, or perhaps not, really can’t say right now.

One thing we do know is that the Eredar (and thus the Draenei) are one of the oldest known races in the cosmos.


Q4tQ: Should timewalking be a level capped activity only? For the record, I am almost always the world’s biggest supporter of any activity that bridges level gaps and lets players of all levels play together… *but* it’s quite clear now that the scaling in timewalking seems to be stuck in this rut of heavily penalizing leveling characters. Timewalking dungeons *used to* be great XP, and then suddenly they weren’t, and I took that as an acknowledgement and a disincentive for leveling characters to queue for timewalking. To this day, if a group is struggling at all, I immediately look at the tank and especially healer’s levels: Without fail, they are usually not level capped, and the rest of the group does not accommodate this at all. In a way, timewalking is a terrible impression of the community in dungeons, and that’s not necessarily something we want thrust upon leveling characters (potentially new players) more than we must.

It’s just such a chasm of performance between leveling and capped characters, and when that chasm hits the “pressure roles,” things fly off the rails fast. I can think of one simple solution: Make it a level cap activity only. It pains me to say it, but it’d be a pretty elegant fix.

I think a better idea would be to fix the balance in Timewalking so that non-level cap players don’t feel much weaker than level cap, or failing that, to have TW for everyone except level cap and then a separate pool for level capped characters, and I’d prefer the first fix over the second.

Making something that’s been doable across levels no longer so would be a disappointing change. I always disliked when they made old set bonuses not work because it took what I loved about TW away, this change would just plain kill it for me if they implemented it.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this week. Thank y’all in the comments for answering with questions so I could get this written early. Things are tough right now, and I appreciate any help I can get.

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