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The QueueNov 17, 2017 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Boring

Sorry, this Queue isn’t written by a dinosaur.

I know, I’m disappointed too.


In all this kerfuffle about Teldrassil and the Undercity, I completely forgot about the Exodar and Silvermoon. Is there any indication that they are changing hands?

They’re not, no. Silvermoon remains in the Horde, the Exodar in the Alliance.


Q4tQ: Do you think there should be more achievements like Herald of the Titans in WoW? Anyone specific that you’d like to see?

What, achieves you can only get at a certain level with a certain gear level? I don’t really care much one way or another, but I do like that to get Herald you essentially have to experience the fight as close to as it was in Wrath as is possible in the current game. Mind you, being level 80 isn’t the same as it was back then, but the added difficulty of making sure you’re wearing gear at the same ilevel as 10 man Ulduar gear does increase the challenge — none of that level 110 in there one-shotting Algalon, you actually have to beat him with 10 folks in 226 armor and 232 weapons. Now, since we’ve seen item squishes and talent changes since Wrath, it’s not exactly the same and  I haven’t even tried it in forever so I can’t say what the difficulty is now.

But the idea of an achievement that can’t be steamrollered appeals to me. I’d like it if we saw more things that remained relatively challenging to attain.


Q4tQ: What is currently out there regarding the future of the Legion Companion app? WIll it be redone for Battle, or is it doomed to become an artifact on the respective mobile application stores?

We know they’re likely to update the companion app to Battle for Azeroth, but at present we have no news on exactly how that’ll work or what it’ll do.


What’s the deal? I have only three on my main; I cannot even imagine what having ALL of them would look like. But you can only equip two – do you have to keep all the “other” legendaries in your bag/bank to keep from getting them twice? Do players actually keep them and swap them out depending on the situation?

From what everyone has told me, you can’t even sell or delete or DE them — I haven’t tried — so yeah, you basically have to keep them in your bags or your bank. I don’t even think you can void storage them, but again, I haven’t tried.


Okay, just floating this idea. Remember how Wintergrasp opened content (Vault of Archavon) for the faction that won the last one?

What if the city of Gilneas was a battleground that became a capital city for Worgen/Forsaken for several hours between battle times?

Yes? No? Better than it being empty?

I’d rather it remain empty.

Look, if we’re really so insecure in our faction pride that Gilneas belonging to the Worgen would break something inside us, then let’s just not have anyone do anything with it. I’d personally like it if Goblins got Kezan back, too. It’s going to be a dungeon in Battle for Azeroth so I’d love it if canonically the Goblins got it back for BfA and the Worgen got Gilneas back. But no, I definitely don’t want the Forsaken to have it, especially if they’re all over on Kalimdor now after the big continent swap.


QftQ: Right now, Undercity is the location where you buy heirlooms for your alts. Once Undercity is gone, where do you think we will go to buy Horde heirlooms?

I do not know, but I imagine they’ll make them purchasable in Orgrimmar. I’d find it amusing if they put the vendor at Thunder Bluff, though. Especially in the Pools of Vision.


For the old world bosses that are out for the 13 Anniversary in WoW, does the gear that they drop have an unique model, or a model that has been absent from the game? It’s ilvl 900, which is worse than what is available on Argus, but I was wondering if it is worth going after for tmog.

The gear is pretty much identical to the original items they dropped in classic, so yes, in many cases it’s models that have been gone from the game for years. I’m considering trying to farm Azuregos for Typhoon, I had that sword back in Vanilla but DE’d it long before Transmog was a thing.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. I apologize for not having a dinosaur write it. Maybe next week.

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