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WoWNov 30, 2017 4:00 pm CT

Antorus Pantheon trinkets 101

The release of Antorus, the Burning Throne brings on a deluge of information and new gear — including the new Pantheon trinkets, which have spurred plenty of discussion already. Wowhead and Ask Mr. Robot covered the trinkets in detail, but in case you missed it in the opening day rush, let’s go over the basics.

The basics

Besides his other loot, there are six special trinkets dropped by Argus the Unmaker, the last boss in the Antorus raid. Each trinket gets its name from one of the Titans of the Pantheon, like the Pillars of Creation. Each drops for a specific role.

The sixth trinket is Aman’Thul’s Vision. It’s available for every spec. Aman’Thul’s is a beautiful Clemson orange Legendary, while the others are Epics. Aman’Thul’s does not count against your Legendary cap. You can have Aman’Thul’s Vision and two other Legendaries equipped.

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Give them to me

Our friends at Wowhead discovered the trinkets are awarded via push personal loot. When you kill the boss, the normal looting process occurs. You can get your role specific trinket from this roll/master loot. The game then performs a second roll to see if you get Aman’thul’s Vision. It goes straight into your bags regardless if your raid is using personal or master loot.

Better together

Each trinket has its own powerful effect, but also has a secondary effect when “empowered by the Pantheon.” For example, the tank trinket has a chance to proc sweet Versatility on taking damage. When empowered, it increases your maximum health and heals you to full. It’s Last Stand and Lay on Hands in one trinket. Excuse me, I think I just stoneformed.

There’s some confusion about how the trinkets get empowered. The method has changed from the early iterations of the PTR when the information first became available.  The way it now works is when four different procs are active at one time, the trinkets become empowered. Aman’Thul’s is always considered unique. You can have one healer, one Agility DPS and two Aman’Thul’s proc and get empowered.

Only the four trinkets that caused the empowerment get the bonus. If a fifth trinket procs during empowerment, it starts a new four count.

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By the numbers

The trinkets start out as 940 items, except for Aman’Thul’s which starts out at the new Legendary cap of 1000. A special item called call Pantheon’s Blessing will allow you to upgrade your epic trinket all the way to item level 1000.

The theorycrafting wizards ran the numbers to figure out the expected uptime. Wowhead has a fantastic chart. Ask Mr. Robot went the infographic route. The bottom line is the more trinkets you have in your raid, the more time you spend empowered. It serves as a soft and invisible nerf to the raid over time.

The needs of the many, the needs of the few

Ask Mr. Robot calculates the Pantheon trinkets are worth about 2% DPS. As usual tanks and healers are more difficulty to quantify. Even for DPS, the standard advice to sim your character applies. Ask Mr. Robot provides a helpful video guide walking you through the process.

There’s no one size fits all answer. Whether you use Aman’Thul’s or your class specific trinket will depend on your other gear, your raid composition and a little bit of loot luck. The more your specialization valued the Unstable Arcanocrystal, the more you’re going to like Aman’Thul’s.

Straight outta LFR

We won’t know for sure until LFR opens, but as of this writing, the trinkets won’t to drop from LFR. If they did, it would put pressure on raiders of all levels to farm LFR until they got the drop. For the less hardcore guilds, it will still be some number of weeks before they start seeing these trinkets. Heroic and Mythic raiders might be hosting Normal mode PuG runs on their off nights for AP, and additional chance for drops. If your raid doesn’t get the last boss down during the week, try to find one of these PuGs. If you get the last boss down and get the trinket, it’ll give a nice boost to your home raid.

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