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The QueueJan 10, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I think you would beat the moon in a pretty contest

I’m back, baby! It’s time for Mitch Queue Number Two: Return of the Knai-fu. Let’s dive right in.


Q4TQ: Do you plan on watching the Overwatch League premiere Wednesday night?

I certainly want to try! My main problem right now is that I really enjoy watching Awesome Games Done Quick, and it… doesn’t really stop. Plus, the evening block today is right up my alley (lots of Mario). On top of that, it’s raid night for me, so who knows. I certainly want to watch it, but I’m not actually sure I’ll be able to until the VODs are available.


Q about the Overwatch eSports League (OWL): What is the best (free) way to watch it?

Over on Twitch! We actually didn’t know if that would be the case until after you asked this, but it does indeed look like Twitch will have the OWL matches on. Initially, they could only be watched on MLG’s website, which left a lot of people unhappy (myself included). Here’s hoping the reported $90 million Twitch paid to do so is worth it!


Is The Queue just for WoW, or is it for any Blizzard game? Because I’ve been playing a lot of Diablo 3 recently and I was just wondering if people think we’re going to get any more new content, expansions or otherwise, or do you think this is pretty much it until Diablo 4?

For starters, The Queue is — as you may have noticed — for a lot more than just WoW! As mentioned in the comments, the site was changed to “Blizzard Watch” after WoW Insider ended precisely so more games could be covered (and so people couldn’t get mad at us for posting non-WoW news). The Queue is even more free-form, and we often go off on tangents not related to Blizzard at all. That’s what makes it so fun!

As for your other question, I think we’re done with new Diablo 3 content. Sure, we’ll have new Seasons regularly, but I don’t think we’re getting a new expansion or class for the game at all. Maybe new zones, which they’ve done a couple times now, but nothing that I consider “major.”


Q4tQ: Can we already make a 5 (different) Starcraft Terran team on Heroes of the Storm? How good/bad do you think it’ll be?

Let’s see, we have…

  • Raynor
  • Nova
  • Sgt. Hammer
  • Tychus
  • Lt. Morales
  • Blaze

Plus, Stukov is a “maybe” and Probius technically has a Terran skin (but that’s mostly wishful thinking on my end). Given the above, it basically comes down to removing one hero, and that most likely will be an Assassin hero. Personally, I’d nix Raynor on the assumption that the players playing Nova and Tychus know what they’re doing.

And in that case, you have a pretty solid team. Morales’ team healing is a bit weak, but between Blaze’s strong solo capabilities, Hammer’s range, and Nova’s stealthiness, I think it actually works pretty well! Although, if you want to count Stukov as Terran, I’d pick him over Morales because his group healing/damage/silence capabilities are pretty strong, especially given the recent Support nerfs.


QftQ: What’s your favorite location in nature to relax?

This might sound weird, but who cares. If I could pick absolutely anywhere to relax, I would pick the swing set on Mackinac Island in the fall. For starters, swinging in general is relaxing. Add in a view that is maybe 100 yards from the water, the island’s breeze, and the island’s fall weather/trees, and you have my perfect Happy Place. I’m not entirely sure that’s considered “in nature,” but look at that view! It’s great.

Never be afraid to embrace your inner child.


Say, for example, your character is in Winterspring and gets a piece of armour that is quite skimpy. Feeling cold in it, they head to town and transmog it to something that covers them up a bit more. Would they feel warmer in it or not?

Do you think transmog is a magical illusion type thing or does it actually physically alter your armour as well?

Working backwards, if we assume it does physically alter armor, that would mean that your character would likely gain the armor’s stats, set bonuses, and so on. And if that’s the case, why not just wear the original armor? I’ve always assumed transmog is a magical illusion. You’re still wearing what you’re wearing, but people don’t see it that way.

So yes, your character in this case would be cold af.


Q4tMitch3Fer: (choose as many as you would like)

Where are all the bad guy banners in Heroes? Arthas, Diablo, Anub’arak, Cho’Gall, Azmodan, etc (No, not that one). I need banners for these guys!

What’s your take on Blaze? I assume you’ll try him out before you write the next Queue. I have my 15k gold ready, but I am skeptical.

2 esport leagues enter: HGC vs. OWL

  1. No clue! Banners seem to be fairly limited in terms of new additions, outside of holiday events. It’s kind of a shame, too, because they’re one of the cosmetic things that actually show up in-game without needing you to remember to press a button. Plus, they look cool if you get MVP at the end of the game.
  2. I loooooove Blaze so far. I do think he’s going to be hit with a nerf bat, but it will likely target his damage output. Granted, this is all just my personal take, but it feels like he was designed to be a very tanky Warrior with decent wave clear. Right now, however, that second characteristic is too effective, especially when it comes to damaging heroes. In AI matches (which aren’t entirely realistic situations, but still…) I can charge into three heroes, deal solid damage to all of them (maybe even kill one or two), and still leave alive. Holding my own is one thing, doing that sort of damage is another. But yeah, I love him right now, and I’m hoping any future nerfs don’t change his core gameplay, but instead focus on damage coefficients against enemy heroes.
  3. Objectively, OWL will be bigger. Overwatch is a bigger game, and there is a ton of money being dumped into the OWL right now. Subjectively, I’m more of a Heroes player, so HGC’ll be my preferred esport event to watch in the coming weeks.


Q4tQ: Just tripped over a blue post citing a “whole alpha and beta” process still ahead in BFA development, which of course puts expansion pacing on the table in a more grim light, and so my new take on this oft-discussed topic is to ask: IF BFA has an obscenely long late expansion drought, will it be felt more and judged more harshly because of the content cadence established throughout Legion’s “upswing” year? Does the “77 day rule”create an expectation whose betrayal will sting more?


I think people are worrying too much about Battle for Azeroth’s release and the current content cycle, to be honest. And I’m not specifically calling on you — it seems to be a general sense in the community. We don’t usually get more than 6 months of alpha/beta, iirc, and with 7.3.5 right around the corner, that means alpha could start this month. And if it does, that gives us a mid-summer release. Aaaaand on top of that, all expansions have released pretty close to 2 years after the previous one, plus or minus a couple months. Unless Battle is exceptionally late, it’s still coming in summer.

On top of all that, 7.3.5 seems to have a lot of content that can be staggered over the course of several months. I don’t think “a whole alpha and beta” cycle is ominous — it’s just what always happens. And what always happens is ~6 months of testing. I know I’ve been criticized for my optimism here, but I really feel a mid-summer release for the next expansion. I would not worry this early regardless of whether or not that winds up true.


Ok I feel Antorus has been out for long enough to talk about spoilers, so here goes:

Q4Mitch: What is your take on Xal’atath’s whisper when you teleport to the Seat of the Pantheon?

For those who don’t play Shadow, the blade whispers: “Long have we sought entry into this realm! To think we have a mortal to thank for giving us our foothold. Your service will be remembered!”

This seems like Blizzard is setting up a major story thread here, especially since rather then let it lie Blizzard lets other players know about it in the journal from Ogmot, a rare spawn in Silithus in 7.3.5. Think we are getting hints on a future patch? A future expansion?

I’m very torn here. I really, really want these lines to be legitimate foreshadowing. But there are some story threads that take a long time to follow up on (if at all), and tying a future storyline wherein Shadow Priests specifically are responsible for Old Gods getting tons of power feels dangerous. Like, we’d become the spec everyone shuns because we done messed up (A-a-ron).

Outside of that, we’ve been told from the beginning not to trust Knaifu. What she says could be legitimately terrifying in its implications, or it could be her trying to toy with us so we go out of our way to close the entry to the Seat of the Pantheon, only to make things worse as a result.

Whatever the case, Blizzard has been very good about lore in Legion, so I’m leaning toward this having some sort of legitimate meaning for future stories, even if that meaning isn’t entirely what we expect. For them to drop all these hints and not follow up at all would be a mistake.

That’s it for today! I commend you all for your commending comments yesterday. Let’s commend each other a little more, because who doesn’t love being commended? Heck, I’m also gonna commend myself for helping spread the good word of commending!

Yay Mitch!

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