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Discussion > WoWJan 16, 2018 8:00 am CT

Will you run Ulduar Timewalking?

Even more than when Blizzard made Black Temple available through Timwalking, I’m excited for Ulduar’s Timewalking incarnation. For one thing, it comes with some significant changes to Ulduar itself — the difficulty levels are being merged into a single Ulduar (Normal) mode, and each boss will drop a mix of loot from 10 and 25 man difficulties, so even if you’re not actually going to run the raid on Timewalking, it’s still changing. No more having to decide which version you’re going to farm this week, which has both positive and negative consequences for us transmog hunters.

I, for one, am excited about potentially getting to run Ulduar again and having it be relevant, especially once we’re in Battle for Azeroth. Timewalking raids can give raid groups a vacation from the current content and let them indulge in nostalgia, can let new players experience the old stuff the way it was meant to be — hard — and best of all, you can run them in pick up groups using the Group Finder, which means all the good and bad of that experience.

Sometimes I enjoy a bit of suffering. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for why I did fights like Firefighter back in the day, much less why I’m actually looking forward to seeing if PUG groups can take down Algalon or Yogg-0. I still remember when my guild did Yogg and the mount dropped, and I dearly hope that fighting over that thing becomes a staple of the PUG Ulduar Timewalking experience. Other fights I can’t wait to see are XT’s Heartbreaker, the Iron Council with the giant up last, and best of all the opening fight where everyone tries to pick a motorcycle and you don’t have anyone who wants to pull down Pyrite.

Ah, man. This is going to be awesome. Are you looking forward to Ulduar Timewalking? What raid would you like to see get the Timewalking treatment next?

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