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The QueueJan 22, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Actually WoW is Mike Morhaime and Chris Metzen’s ultimate DND session

I’m drinking my Monday morning coffee from my custom Blizzard Watch mug and eating some pineapple for breakfast.

So far, this week is off to a great start! Let us Queue.


That’s right. The whole setting is just Jaina’s campaign. She’s still a kid growing up on Kul Tiras and literally everything that we’ve ever seen in a Warcraft game is just her imagining of exciting events in the world. That’s why it was Stonewind in the first campaign but ended up Stormwind in the second, that’s why the world keeps getting bigger — she just makes up new places whenever she needs a new place for her players to go explore — and that’s why poor Azeroth is the center of such ridiculous forces out to destroy it.

I tell you, Jaina’s a heck of a DM.

So I know you said this either in some kind of weird theory and/or funny way, but I’d like to toss in there that I actually think WoW is just Mike Morhaime Chris Metzen playing out the ultimate game of D&D. Besides the fact so much of the game is based off of D&D 2e rules (especially Classic WoW… god I cannot wait for people to have fun with hit again), they’ve basically built a company up around having people write stories for them, draw maps, sketch their characters, and bring in a few million friends to play with.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing. In fact, it’s just what I would do, too.


Question for the Queue: If the announcement ending Windows XP/Vista support in ‘October’ points to the release of Patch 8.0 … how likely is it we will see the next expansion drop three weeks later? That would put it before Blizzcon – perfect timing.

I admit that this is a tempting clue to suss out the release date of the expansion, but I’d caution against it. A patch could easily remove support, or they could just stop caring after that date — a somewhat self-imposed date, but also enough lead time to let people update their older machines if they need to.

My gut is telling me a launch around July/August this year. If we’re into November again for another expansion launch … something has gone wrong. Blizzard has to stop letting these last major patches linger for a year.

Now with all that said, in my day job we stop supporting certain browsers at after a major product rollout, and that’s the time when most companies make decisions like this. So they could be planning a mini-patch or something then as well.


Q4tQ: Do we know how Upright Orcs/Trolls will get to toggle, and if the toggle will be available for both kinds of Troll? I’m super excited to play a Zandalari Troll, but I’d also like to un-hunch my Darkspears.

If I remember correctly, Blizzard said during BlizzCon that this was going to be an option at character creation, and we’d get a barber-shop like interface in game to switch Orcs and Trolls to a non-hunched position.

I am really looking forward to this. I’ve liked both those races, don’t get me wrong, but when so much of the game (at the end) is looking at the same character’s armor so much, I’d like to look good — and I think upright characters display it much much better.


Q4tQ: Have we ever seen what an Scourge Drake (Sindragosa and the like) look like in their humanoid form?

I’m not really sure that it applies. Sindragosa was a member of the Blue Dragonflight before getting scourg’d, so one would assume she had blue hair and looked elfin or human. After the Lich King raised her she became her skeletal form that she’s in now. So what would her human form look like?

Probably Arthas-like, although there’s a fair point to be made that she probably doesn’t have the ability to switch into that form and is stuck as a dragon. She’s under the command of the Lich King, and he doesn’t have much use for her as a human.

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