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The QueueMar 5, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I’m not even supposed to be here today

Sorry, everyone, but Adam is out today, stuck in some sort of snowy nightmare that’s knocked out his internet. That means you’re stuck dealing with me and you’ll see Adam on Wednesday. So be sure you ask all the really hard questions for him in tomorrow’s Queue, because I’m a super great coworker. :)

And now on to questions!


Q4tLiz: How was your weekend?

I have a bunch of family coming into town for my Grandma’s birthday next weekend, and yesterday we went out and picked up barbecue from five different places to sample a little of everything. End result: five pounds of sausage, three pounds of brisket, several giant pork chops, and so many leftovers. This is especially ridiculous since we will also be having barbecue at Grandma’s party this weekend, where we will also wind up with so many leftovers.


Q4tQ: Ok, I’ve heard this angle twice now, which means it’s probably a thing in other discussions, which means it’s a thing worth asking about.

In the BFA-centric “the other faction is getting cooler stuff” discussion, isn’t the response of “maybe you should switch sides” kind of disrespectful in the context of players that really only have time to play maybe one character and therefore one faction?

Me, I sit in the camp of “if it’s in WoW, I can play it.” I did all the class hall campaigns and unlocked a handful of class mounts in Legion. I will have a prominent horde main and an alliance main for BFA because clearly that’s the intended way for altoholics to play BFA: play both sides.

But what about those that a) can’t or won’t play multiple characters and b) run into this answer of “play the other side then, silly,” how fair is that to their community investment that they’ve built up as that character? Yes, this question is coming from captain “I can want other players but I shouldn’t need other players,” but I do find that people in a position of advice giving or.. you know… THE DEVS of WoW saying “maybe you need to switch sides” is highly disrespectful as a response to a request that both sides get cool things. The implied “Yeah maybe you don’t need all those friends, how bad do you want a dinosaur druid” just comes off as really callous and dickish to me.

Am I overthinking this, or is that kind of an inappropriate answer?

I don’t think it’s exactly a great answer, but it’s unfortunately the only answer to this question. They’ve tied Allied Race stories into factions, and I doubt they’ll untangle them (unless they ever add the often requested neutral faction option). So if you really want to play Zanadalari… well, you have to start a character Horde side. Same if you just really wanted to play a Blood Elf when they were released.

I’ve seen a lot of unhappy Alliance sentiment on this point, and I really think it’s because all we’re hearing about right now is the complete awesomeness of Zandalari Druids and have next to nothing on Dark Iron Dwarves. Maybe they’ll be awesome, too. And maybe Alliance will get a different must-have race in the future, like the super cute Vulpera. But because all we’re hearing about right now is Zandalari, it kind of feels like Alliance are getting the short end of the stick. I really think it will get balanced out when we start hearing more about other races. (And also Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves are both pretty dang cool, in my opinion.)

But on the Druid front… I do feel that other Druid races could use some updated themed forms, because they do feel rather lacking compared to Zandalari. Other forms are basically Night Elf forms with other stuff stuck on them, while Zandalari have totally unique stuff. If other Druids got similarly awesome stuff, I think it would balance things out, too. Fingers crossed for that.


I wish we could skip the Illidan ‘Ravencrest’s Legacy’ quest on Black Rook Hold. It’s my least favorite quest in the whole expansion.


I’ve only done it on my main, and it took me a half a dozen times and several UI reloads to do it, because the interface just would not work. Interesting story, but terrible, frustrating execution.


Questions about the Trial of Style because I missed it the first time:
1) Is there a limit for how many times you can compete in it?
2)Do you get tokens after the first time you compete in it?

Jalamenos actually answered this one in the Queue:

  1. No
  2. Yes

However, I wanted to bring this up here because Trial of Style is back! Yaaaaaaah!


Q4Q: Dungeon Quests for Profession Progression: Tired or Wired?

So tired. Professions in Legion have required a hefty dungeon grind. By the time I’ve finished it on any character, the things I can make are almost useless to me, and I’m still left needing dungeon runs and/or reputation grinds to collect recipes. Argh.

There are of course some exceptions to this. Alchemy is super handy no matter whenever you manage to max it out. Enchanting seems weak because of the ease of buying enchants on the Auction House these days. (Certainly it’s a moneymaker for those who have it, but there’s little need to do the grind yourself.) And all of the armor-making professions make gear that you’ve significantly outleveled by the time you can craft it. Sure, my Leatherworker can make two different Legendaries, but I already have four Legendaries, and they’re all better. I suppose I could craft the mail Legendary for my Shaman alt, who only has one Legendary, but… really… is it worth it at this point? (… oh, gosh, they aren’t BOP, are they? That would make them even worse.)

Biggest advantage to Leatherworking right now seems to be that one mount I can get.


If professions get a revamp any chance Nomi will be replaced by a dreadlord? Maybe the food will improve.

I think this is only an improvement if the Dreadlord wears a frilly apron and a chef’s hat.


What naming schemes do you use to name your toons or pets?

I used to give them all unique names and then I realized it was really impossible for anyone I played with to tell who I was at any given time. So now they all have names that start with “fai” for easy recognizability. And when I’m out of “fai” names that I like, I just hop over to a connected realm and start over!

And on a tangent, I actually had a reader who ran past me recognize me the other day in-game. I’m officially a celebrity!

And that’s all for today everyone. Mitch will be in tomorrow and after I pointed out a couple of questions for him from this Queue he reminds everyone that he does not usually see your questions unless you ask them on Monday’s Queue.

Just remember: Mondays Mitchdays.

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