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The QueueMar 12, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Deathwing’s return, ugly mounts, 110 boost

cataclysm logo deathwing

When I wrote this Queue I realized something: I never thought I’d be taking quests from Illidan. Something still doesn’t feel right about that. Especially the months it too me to defeat him and the lengths I went to time my shield bash perfectly.

I should be able to do a shield bash emote on him and make ’em flinch. Just for old time’s sake.


When is Deathwing going to get his redemption expansion just like Illidan?

Dragon Soul was just a misunderstanding.

I’m not gonna lie, I think the Illidan redemption arc worked out in the end, but I was really skeptical of it at first. I know some folks disagree with me, and I haven’t spoken with Matt or Anne about it yet so I may be in for an earful, but overall the idea that his views that the end justified the means was fundamentally juxtaposed against that of the rest of the world (to an extent) made some sense. It’s also a common theme in literature and history, so the the story that played out wouldn’t really be that off for a revitilization of a character. It doesn’t make Illidan’s action forgivable nor justified, but it does provide an interesting story.

Now Deathwing? No. I cannot see a way in which that happens. I also want WoW to move on from the idea of these central “big bads” we’ve had for the last 20+ years… Illidan, Death Wing, the Lich King, etc… it’s time to invent some new ones or explore different denizens entirely. There are ways to do epic story plots without the very existence of the cosmos being at stake.

To answer your original question though, I do suspect that we’ll continue to hear about him for a little bit at least. Between Embyssian and Wrathion there’s enough openings for some solid lore to be generated, but I hope it’s nothing in the present and always done as flashbacks or something. I hope that Blizzard moves on. (IE: If the next expansion’s climatic scene ends with Deathwing rising and bellowing “I have returned!” I’m just going to walk away from the Internet and go work at McDonalds).


This is quite possibly the ugliest mount I’ve ever seen. How do I get one?


First part of your statement? Totally agree with. Second part? Ugh no, I do not want.

I mean, go for it if you want it, no offense of course, but my god is it an ugly mount.

I think Blizzard needs to rethink the way its designing mounts — there’s a lot to be said that each expansion gets unique mounts that are related to the content. Argus mounts, despite their … interesting … appearances fit quite well in the world and lend to a sense of immersion. The green bird mount you get at the end of WoD is well done in that respect, too. A frog though, it’s certainly going to fit into the world that’s taking shape … but um … yeah no.

The class mounts worked out incredibly well I think and I’m keen on seeing something like that continue into the future. Perhaps different skins or variations on the mounts; attachments you can add, effects, etc… For instance, I’d give just about anything to turn off the trail on my Ashes of Alar mount. Honestly Blizzard, I’m willing to drop real money on that.

Back to my point though; this kind of customization is something I think Blizzard needs to consider. It’s not that there are not a ton of mounts out there left to pick from, it’s just that they’re getting kind of silly at points I think. And we’re playing a fantasy game — it often feels the most immersed when you’re riding in on a horse or some other legacy mount (for lack of a better term) than a frog or a flying worm.


For a bloke who’s got at least one level 110 of each class, and almost one of each on either faction, what’s a good use for the 110 boost? The icon is so shiny and I wanna use it, but I’m kinda stumped as to what on…

I don’t have a good answer this, but wanted to highlight it for others to pick up on and provide some input.

My recommendation would be to use it on an allied race that you want to flip a main or a good alt to but not worry about the heritage armor. I know a lot of people are saving it for the new Zandalari Druid that’s coming out eventually, which makes sense to me.

But alas … that’s one of the down sides to having really completed so much already in the game: these “perks” become less and less important. I suspect eventually, perhaps in the following expansion, that these won’t be a big thing, or have a lesser placement on the screen. They’re great for new players, but for old players the benefit is running thin.

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