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WoWMar 13, 2018 10:00 am CT

Latest datamined Battle for Azeroth quests bring the fight to the opposing faction

In a previous post we talked about the story in Battle for Azeroth and datamined spoilers found by the folks at Wowhead. Now  there are more details thanks to more datamining, we have details on the Chapters of War quests that take each faction into the other faction’s territory.

And if it needs to be said: spoilers follow. Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to know.

The Alliance sail for Nazmir

From what I can tell, so far most of the datamined quests are Alliance quests in Nazmir, dealing with the Blood Trolls and an ill-advised attempt at an accord with them which goes south quickly due to the Blood Trolls worshiping an Old God monstrosity named G’huun.

Still, at least we get to see Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth again. She’s been around since classic, has served Anduin, then Varian, and then Anduin again. It’s always nice to see an old veteran make a return. The last time we saw her was in Mists of Pandaria which has nice thematic resonance with the current expansion’s storyline.

Look to the horizon, <name>. Across those seas is the isle of Zandalar and with it, the Horde. We can’t allow the Horde to continue to work there unchecked, so we’re preparing an expedition to establish a beachhead on the isle. <name>, as one of our most accomplished soldiers I’d appreciate if you joined us. Your help will be essential for the success of our mission. Wrap up your affairs here in the harbor and report to Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth. We will set sail when you’re ready.

Aside from the broadcast text we posted last time, which reveals that Captain Conrad isn’t quite right after trying to negotiate with the Blood Trolls, we also find out that the Alliance has run into trouble in Zuldazar and the Forsaken are closing in on a shipwrecked Alliance crew to wipe them all out. Horde get sent to take care of the Alliance, while Alliance seem to get sent in to rescue them. This seems to indicate that while each faction gets three leveling zones, we’ll be spending at least some time on the other faction’s turf.

The Horde not-so-quietly investigates Drustvar

The Horde presence in Drustvar will likely be just as extensive as the Alliance story in Nazmir, which seems pretty significant. But at present we don’t have as much to talk about — the quests simply haven’t been datamined yet. What we do have is more of a tease than an actual revelation. Trade Prince Gallywix is involved and it seems like he’s making the Horde scouts’ job in hostile Alliance territory harder than it needs to be.

This was supposed to be a covert operation. Unfortunately, our Trade Prince insisted on coming along… with the loudest, most conspicuous vehicle the Horde has ever conceived. At least you’re here with me, <name>. Let’s get going, then. We know next to nothing about the Drustvar territory. It’s time to do some recon.

Alright fellas, hop on the hog. It’s time to go see what this Drustvar place is all about… and how we can profit from it.
Profit is a secondary concern. Our primary mission is to gather intel so we can gain an advantage over the Alliance.
Pfsh. I’m only here for the azerite. Whatever recon you wanna do is your own prerogative.

Gallywix is apparently Sylvanas’ main agent in the procurement of Azerite, and he’s clashing with other Horde who are more concerned with performing recon in hostile territory. But we don’t know much of the story yet — what’s actually going on, who if anyone the Horde intends to ally with in Drustvar, or what have you. All we know is that Gallywix wants Azerite and he’s not making a lot of friends on his own side while trying to get it.

The battle extends to Archaeology

There are Dark Iron and Nightborne explorers fighting over relics in Zandalari territory as well, and according to datamined quest text they seek relics from Xibalba in Zuldazar. The quests are essentially mirrors of each other, just offered by different NPC’s.

Oi. Since yer hands are already dirty, what do ye say we make a deal? To give it to ye straight, there’s a relic here called the Breath of Xibala. I don’t know who Xibala is or why the Alliance wants its breath, but there’s a hefty sum of gold in it fer me if we deliver. That means there’s somethin’ in it for you, too, if ye get my meanin’. I started a survey with me equipment but haven’t got me results yet. Go on out into the ruins an’ give the boxes you see a little kick to hurry things along.

If there are any further story developments to why the Horde and Alliance seek relics from Xibalba and if the Nightborne and Dark Irons have moved into positions of authority in their respective factions’ Archaeology trainers it’s as yet unknown. It’d be interesting to see if the Allied Races have shaken up older Alliance and Horde institutions.

I’m looking forward to more details about the Chapters of War story and how much of it we’ll see before we hit 120, vs. later in the expansion once we’ve hit max level. Head over to Wowhead for more of the quest text to mull over.

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