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Discussion > WoWMar 30, 2018 8:00 am CT

Do you prefer several small leveling zones, or a few large ones?

When Blizzard first announced Battle for Azeroth, one of the aspects that stuck out to me was the number of leveling zones each side was being given. Both Zandalar and Kul Tiras only have three respective leveling zones, which is the lowest number of leveling zones we’ve had to date. Now, once we hit level 120, we’ll be able to go into the other faction’s zones — which technically means we’re getting the most post-cap zones at launch.

All the same, three leveling zones for ten levels is a new experience. The result is that the zones — at least, the ones I’ve played through on Horde side — are gigantic. Keeping in mind I had double XP for the duration, Nazmir took me from 110 all the way to 114 (and then some). More to the point, it took me probably 5-6 hours minimum to finish the main storyline.

Because of this, when I finally finished the zone, I felt something akin to the feeling I had when I finished Vashj’ir. I felt almost relieved. I was able to breathe a large sigh of relief becuase I was finally done — which hasn’t happened since, well, Vashj’ir.

I don’t mean this in a bad way, mind you. Nazmir — and Battle for Azeroth in general — have some truly amazing questing content. There wasn’t a moment where anything felt like it was dragging on, and the story all tied together wonderfully. Heck, even the different areas of the zone looked unique enough to not feel like I was ever in the same environment for too long.

All the same, there’s something about being in one zone for so long that feels… well, it has its own feeling to it, I guess. The same content, quests, and so forth split across two zones would likely still feel different to me, purely due to my own mental idiosyncrasies. Again, it’s all great — but it’s a different feeling having a small number of very large zones instead of a larger number of small zones.

Which do you prefer? Is there a particular reason for your preference? Heck, do you even care, or am I just crazy?

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