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Discussion > WoWApr 11, 2018 8:00 am CT

How do you feel about having multiple armor sets in WoW?

During our recent interview with Blizzard, it came out that we would likely need to have multiple gear sets thanks to the Azerite Armor system. The reasoning for this is that Azerite Armor traits work very similarly to the Netherlight Crucible traits work. Once you lock a trait in on a particular piece of armor, you can’t change it.

In other words, if you’re a hybrid who uses the same gear across multiple specs, you may be stuck with a trait that’s… less than ideal on one of them. Granted, not every trait is going to be like this. Some traits might work across all specs — for example, a +5% Intellect trait will be good for a caster no matter what role they’re filling. Then again, some traits might, say, give a +5% buff to Shadow damage. Totally great for a Shadow Priest. Less great for that same Priest if they ever decide to try Holy.

As a result, hybrids will likely wind up collecting more gear sets than a pure DPS class. That’s not to say the pure DPS will be able to get by with only one set, but it’s much less likely they’ll need seven. To be clear, none of this will matter all that much in the grand scheme of things unless you’re pushing endgame content and want to min/max everything. Similarly, this may all change!

But for now, it’s looking like gear sets are going to be a thing. And while I know some people who genuinely enjoy piecing together several different sets for the sake of eking out every bit of performance possible, others are not big fans. Personally, I’m okay with two or three sets as a Priest, but any more than that feels excessive.

How about all of you? Do you like collecting gear sets for different types of content? If so, how many gear sets is too many? For the other folks out there, what would you like to see done to change the issue of needing multiple gear sets?

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