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DiscussionApr 25, 2018 8:00 am CT

What are your pre-Battle for Azeroth goals?

We still have a few months to play around in Legion, which naturally leads to the question of just how you plan on spending your time. Legion has been packed with content, and even if you’ve kept up you probably have plenty of choices. Have you run through every raid and dungeon on Mythic (or Mythic+) yet? Have you worked your way up the PVP ranks? Have you collected the pets, mounts, transmogs and achievements you wanted to grab? Have you picked up every Artifact appearance? Have you played through all of the game’s story? Created a character for every Allied Race?

I’m still working my way through some dungeon achievements, but it’s mostly story that I’m focused on. Though there are probably plenty of quests I haven’t done (I’m still working on Balance of Power, for one), what I’m most interested in are the Class Hall quests. These have some seriously interesting stories but they’re a time-consuming grind… made more time consuming by the fact that I don’t have one of every class at or over level 100 yet.

Still, I’m giving it my best effort. I’ve made my way through five Class Hall campaigns so far and I’ve just started working through Rogue. Then…. welll… I haven’t planned that far in advance yet. I’m guessing I won’t make it through all of them before Battle for Azeroth, but I know I can get through at least a few more. I’m sure I’ll have fun with whatever I get to, and I’m not going to stress out about getting to everything.

But that’s me. What are you working on accomplishing in the dying days of Legion?  I have enough of a content backlog that I’m certainly still logging in to get things done, but I’m sure there are those who decided they were done after taking down the last raid boss. After all, what greater heights of achievement can you reach from there?

So tell me, readers, what are you up to in-game right now — and what do you feel you have to get done before the end of Legion?

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