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The QueueMay 23, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I’m ready for a fight, how about you?

Yes, Illidan, I am always prepared. When you are this tiny, you have to be prepared to get by in the world, so I don’t know why you insist on asking such dumb questions.


QftQ: Is it better to run my Paladin through LFR to get better gear, or try and find a guild in Group Finder on Normal to get gear?

That really depends on how much effort you want to put into the endeavor. If you’re looking for a DIY gearing method, I think Argus is hands-down the easiest way to go. 650 Veiled Argunite, which you get from doing random stuff on Argus (quests, World Quests, drops), will buy you a 910 piece of gear, which can proc higher. Once you fill your slots with 910s, you’re well on your way to that 930 range. Argus World Quests, which start at ilevel 895, can help too. I like this option because you can just grind through it without waiting for a raid lockout, and there’s a good chance it will get you close to 930 (especially if you pick up a couple of legendaries along the way).

Antorus LFR gear starts at 915 (with Argus at 925), so it’s a bit higher, but not much. Still, if you want to raid, that’s going to be an easier way to do it than hitting up group finder for normals, because even a bad LFR group can usually get through things (though Argus can be a mess). A bad group finder group could just leave you with a big repair bill that won’t be worth the higher ilevel drops.

So, I’d say LFR once a week and then Argus the rest… unless you have the patience to find a decent normal group.


Q4TQ: Why do the Monk specs break the mold?
Every other spec labels something that you do or a skill that you possess (Beast Mastery, Affliction, Protection etc), but Monk specs labels what you are (Brewmaster, Mistweaver and Windwalker).
Why isn’t it Brewmastery, Mistweaving and Windwalking?
This has been driving me nuts since 2012.

This feels like an example of Blizzard learning and growing as it’s moved forward. How many specs do we really need with the same name? Protection, Holy, Restoration…? While I admit it does make it easier to tell which specs do what, but in that case why not just call Protection “tank” and Holy “healer?” (Or, in the case of Priests, “healer 1” and “healer 2.”) Because it’s dull, because it doesn’t really differentiate the spec from others, because it doesn’t create any kind of class identity.

Every class Blizzard has added since Vanilla has had unique spec names. Death Knight tanking? Blood. Monk tanking? Brewmaster. Demon Hunter tanking? Vengeance.

I think today’s Blizzard sees value in the identity unique names give to each spec… but they haven’t gone back and changed the original specs. Though I think it would be interesting if they did. I would love my current Holy Paladin to be a Battle Cleric Paladin instead. It just sounds that much cooler, y’know?


Gnomes gnomes gnomes gnomes, yeah! (they gonna get you)

Gnomes gnomes gnomes gnomes, yeah! (they gonna get you)

Gnomes gnomes gnomes gnomes, yeah! (they gonna get you)

Once again, Spencer has given me a puppy picture and so I am obligated to answer this question… even though I’m not really sure what this question is.

However, I would say that Gnomes won’t necessarily get you. We are not an unkind or unreasonable people, though we have no fear of violence should it become necessary. After all, a tiny creature like a Gnome really has to be a bit fearless or a bit foolhardy to even get out of bed in the morning. We’ll put up with the short jokes because, again, we kind of have to if we want to get out of bed in the morning.

But we’ll fight for our friends and protect our allies, and if you cross us we will kick your ankles really hard. (And that can hurt.)

Or we’ll come at you with a battle mech or a spider tank or explosives, so what I’m saying is watch yourself. We may not be coming going after anyone right now, but we aren’t afraid to.

Did that answer your question? I’m just going to say that answered your question.


Q4TQ: What’s your predictions for the next Starcraft2 Co-op commander? Zerg? Protoss? Xel Naga? ….and why the heck has it been so long since the last release?!

You know, I was going to come up with some kind of thoughtful answer here (such as there can be a thoughtful answer to “what is the next thing Blizzard is going to do?), but then Spencer went on this Gnome thing and I think maybe Mekkatorque.

After all, Anduin is already in StarCraft, so why not?

(Am I helping? Hopefully I’m helping.)



New Jaina comic

Dang it. Do you mean I didn’t have to write this?! I worked hard on this Queue!

That’s all for now, everyone. Tomorrow will be a beautiful new day with a beautiful new Queue, so we will all regroup then and there.

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