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The QueueMay 31, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Zandalar Paladins worship a giant dinosaur

Of course they do. We all should, really.


Q4tQ: If Mists had taken away Titan’s Grip would it still be your favorite old expansion?



Wow, just checked in on beta like… weeks after when I bronze-dragon-toggled the timeline from “burnt Teldrasil” to “unburnt” and the setting still holds! Like literally it seems that once you toggle burnt teldrasil off, if beta is any indication, it stays off! That should make my fellow Darnassus (and undercity) enthusiasts happy!

It doesn’t make me happy.


QftQ: I know it’s been speculated that the Field Medic title will be unobtainable in BfA due to the removal of First Aid, but has it actually been confirmed by the devs? Because you can actually buy Field Packs from the First Aid vendor so the quests could theoretically still be doable if all the FIrst Aid items became vendor items instead of craftable?

From what I can determine, the ability to make the  bandages necessary to get the achievement will be removed. So if you have those bandages, they might still work — the achievement hasn’t been removed as such in the Beta, so it might be possible. But generally, it won’t be possible to make the bandages, so it won’t be doable any more.


Q4tQ: Will you be shelling out that hefty 5,000,000 for the new dinosaur mount in BfA?

The most gold I have ever had in WoW at one time is like 300,000 gold. No, I won’t be getting that mount.


Q4TQ: Is removing Avatar from Fury Warrior going to result in a lot of angry dwarfs?

Honestly it seems like a reasonable change from my perspective, and honestly with so much more stuff on the GCD having too many cooldowns just wastes the cooldown overall. I get why you might thematically like to keep Avatar so you can play as a Mountain King, but mechanically I think it’s a good move. I mean, we’ll see how it all shakes out in the end, but with Fury finally having a self heal talent in Impending Victory, I’m inclined to give them some leeway on what they’re doing.


Qftq: The prospect of more allied races than regular ones seems ridiculous to me. Especially for races that are essentially reskins (and end up on the same faction to boot). But, with the sheer number per faction in BfA, it actually seems like a possibility.
So, would you prefer Allied races implemented as they are (lvl 20 start, requiring that you get to exalted first, and are rewarded with heritage armor after hitting 110)?
As customization for existing races that is unlocked when you reach max level on said existing race, and heritage armor as a reward for getting that race to exalted?

I prefer them the way they are now. Especially because the potential exists (as it does for Nightborne and Void Elves) to get the Allied Race on the opposite faction. So if the Horde got Broken and the Alliance got Holy Undead, as an example, that’s a cool way to do it.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this Thursday. I’ll be doing Friday as well, so it’s your chance to ask some questions knowing I’ll see them.

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