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The QueueJun 8, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Bring Yrel to Azeroth

I’m really not happy just getting the Mag’har side of the story and I really want to see Yrel step through to our world if we don’t go to hers.

It’s the Queue. Let’s do some questions.


Q4tQ: What are the Naaru’s role in the Light? People seem to follow them as if they are the Light and infallible, but we have seen that they aren’t. People who follow the Light seem to have blind faith in the Naaru, which imo is not the same thing as having faith in the Light. At least the people delving into the Void seem to have a healthy mistrust of its intentions.

According to Chronicle Volume 1, page 18-19, the Naaru are literally made of shards of fractured Light itself created when the cosmos formed. The exact phrasing used by Chronicle is that they are the purest embodiment of the Holy Light that can be found in the Great Dark Beyond.

What this exactly means is hard to understand because the Light itself isn’t as easily understood as we might like. Xe’ra, for example, certainly was doing what she believed was the right thing to do, but clearly Illidan disagreed. Likewise, we’re seeing and hearing hints of stuff happening in the Mag’har storyline quests in Battle for Azeroth but we don’t know yet the full context and we’re certainly not seeing the story from the Draenei or Naaru side of things yet.

But I think that there’s a relation between the way the Light created the Void originally and the fact that the Naaru have Void cycles. It may be that the Naaru are less ‘good’ or ‘evil’ and are more embodiments of the Light in all of its attributes. Light can sear things, it can illuminate, and it can cast shadows. Too much light can blind you. As beings that are as close to pure Light as can exist in the physical reality of the Great Dark Beyond, the Naaru bring with them all the qualities of the Light, both literal and metaphorical.

And yet at the same time, each Naaru is an individual being. Xe’ra isn’t A’dal, they don’t view the universe the same way. I definitely think there’s more to the Naaru and their worldview than we’ve seen yet.



Q4TQ: as im about to embark on a vacay myself in this game called real life, I’m wondering, what do y’all think the most lit vacation spots would be in Azeroth?

Darnassus is about to be extremely lit.

On fire.

The Horde is going to burn it down. That’s where I was going with this.


QftQ: Do you think Yrel and Johanna would be besties?

I don’t know. Sometimes people who are very similar meet and dislike each other intensely almost immediately, and sometimes they meet and immediately recognize their kinship and become close friends. I really have no idea which way it would go with  Johanna and Yrel. I mean, Johanna has lived her entire life knowing some day her mentor would die and she would have to step in and replace her, but Yrel had no idea that was coming until Velen died. And Johanna doesn’t have to worry about anyone but herself — as a Crusader, she’s on a one-woman war against evil, while Yrel has to constantly worry about her people and their fate. So I think it could go either way.


Is character copy for the beta now only an in-game thing? I seem to remember being able to do it from the site before. It would have been nice to have that processing as well while this download is going.

It’s been at least two expansions since you could do it via the site, it’s been purely in game for quite some time now. It usually works pretty quickly. I just copied my main from Live to the Beta like eight times so I could race change her to this Nightborne.

There’s a weird bug with the weapon sheathing animation but otherwise, the transfers went smoothly and I have a bunch of my main on both servers now.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this week. I’ll see y’all next Friday. Ask Adam a lot of questions.

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