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The QueueJun 28, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I am an angry angry Elf

Here I am saving Azeroth.

Let’s talk, Queuevians.


Q4tQ: Diablo:Hellfire. Why no Hellfire 2? Why no Na-Krul in D3?

Well, for one thing, Hellfire was made by a different company, Sierra On-Line, and not Blizzard itself. The lore invented for Diablo 2 superseded that of Hellfire, and that especially includes Na-Krul, although it should be pointed out that it’s less that Blizzard has definitively stated that Hellfire is non canonical, and more that they’ve simply ignored it at every turn and opportunity. The last time Blizzard even bundled Hellfire with Diablo itself as part of a single purchase was back in 1998.

I’m not saying they couldn’t bring Na-Krul back and do something with him — I mean, Dirghest is out there, why not Na-Krul? I’m just saying don’t count on it.


Q4tQ: So if those champions helping us drain Sargaras’ sword are cannon now, this means Strom’Kar went to an Orc, and Valeera is wielding the daggers that killed Varian’s dad…

What are your thoughts about that??

Side note: I love that Liadrin has Ashbringer, however temporary that will be.

I don’t really care. I guess I find it kind of amusing to picture that Orc constantly having to apologize to any Troll friends they may have about terrifying them with the weapon that slaughtered so many Trolls.

But I know I have Strom’kar so I’m not sure what your Orc friend was talking about.


Lore QftQ since it’s a Rossi day: Are there any plans to put together a lore guide for all the non-game media tie-ins (books, comics, etc.) related to BfA, including a chronology for the order to consume them, by either yourself or Anne?

Well, Anne wrote up this, which is pretty worth looking at but isn’t quite what you’re looking for. I think once Battle for Azeroth is here, you’ll see a lot more focus on that kind of thing but I won’t specifically say we’ll do that immediately. I definitely think we’ll get one eventually, but we tend to focus on talking about the lore before rounding it up.


QftQ: Will allied races be unlock able when the pre-patch goes live or do I have to wait until BfA lunches?

It’s within the realm of possibility that the Dark Iron and Mag’har might be unlockable before Battle for Azeroth, although I certainly wouldn’t count on it. But I don’t see how the Zandalar and Kul’Tirasians will be unlockable before max level and significant effort.


Q4tQ: If you could have an expansion set at any point in the History of Azeroth, when would you like to go? Personally, I’d love an expansion that has us visiting The Black Empire at the peak of it’s power trying to stop the Infinite Dragonflight from helping them maintain dominance over Azeroth.

Stay with me here.

I want an expansion that’s actually three expansions from now. Like, when we get done with Battle for Azeroth, instead of getting patch 9.0, we get patch 12.0, skipping over everything that happened in patch 9, 10 and 11. We’re in the future and we play through it and at the end, we’re sent back in time to patch 9.0 to progress normally through the next couple of expansions, all the while knowing that patch 12.0 is coming and we already saw how it ended.

No? Too weird? Okay, then I want an expansion that jumps all over Azeroth’s history. I want to see the Black Empire, the Titan-Forged arrival, the ordering of Azeroth, all of it. Dungeons and raids each set in a whole new era. Let’s go nuts with time travel.


Lore-ish Q4tRossi: With a certain citiy about to go down in flames, I’m wondering how the woman in charge of that town to react. I would be deeply disappointed if she decided to mope while allowing the Male Mouthpiece to pontificate. I’m hoping she would go full-bat*&^%, and we’d finally get to see her real self for a bit. What do you think?

I would like it if Tyrande destroyed Orgrimmar.

Okay, so that’s the Queue for today. I’m up again tomorrow.

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