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DiscussionJul 5, 2018 8:00 am CT

Does in-game currency need a rework?

I have over a million gold. I never thought I’d actually ever type that sentence, as I don’t really spend a lot of time playing the Auction House. Despite that, I’ve managed to squirrel away more gold than I ever thought imaginable, and then some — and the expansion isn’t even over yet. And I’m not the only one. Between gold missions with bonus gold rewarding thousands, World Quests offering hundreds more on top of that, and now Artifact Power essentially offering piles of free gold from vendors, there’s more gold out there in Azeroth than ever before.

But even though gold is plentiful, you’re still limited in how you can use it. You cannot transfer a character with more than 250,000 gold. It’s a hard limit. You can get around that limit by creating a guild, putting the gold in a guild bank, and then paying for a guild transfer rather than a character transfer — but that costs an extra $10 in real-world cash to do. To me, that limit seems pretty ridiculous, particularly since Blizzard knows just how much gold we’ve got kicking around. It feels like every expansion has one or two really big-ticket pets and mounts that require you to pony up a million gold or more.

In addition, gold is still limited by server. You can’t trade gold with people that aren’t on your server. With the popularity of carries and boosts, it makes it difficult for people that want to offer the service to help out their fellow players. People on low-pop realms don’t have as many options if they want to find a carry. Some realms may not be offering any kinds of carries or boosts at all. And again, there are ways around it — you can purchase a high-ticket pet on one realm, cage it on another realm, sell it on the AH and hope you get back the gold you invested, or just use a WoW Token for that matter.

In a day when so many players are picking up so much gold, I kind of have to wonder — is it time these limitations are relaxed? Should we be able to trade gold across realms? I’m not sure what that would do to server economy, but if players are already finding ways around it, should it just be something that Blizzard helps facilitate, instead of hinder? At the very least, isn’t it about time the gold cap limit on character transfers was raised a little? How much gold are you guys kicking around with out there? What do you think about the situation — should limitations on gold get some kind of update, or are they fine the way they are? What do you think?

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