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The QueueJul 20, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Twirling, twirling, twirling

I still haven’t adjusted to the changes to WoW‘s global cooldown rules, and for now at least, I’m having a ton of fun spinning around and murdering stuff in Diablo 3 instead. It’s soothing. I’ll did still play some WoW this week, just to re-acclimate myself to everything.

Now, I love WoW, and I love Warriors, but nothing in WoW is as much fun as Whirlwind on my Barb with full Wastes and both Bul-Kathos blades. I can Whirlwind forever.

This is the Queue. Let’s twirl towards some answers, shall we?


Q4Rossi: I’ve heard fury is fun, but how is arms performing currently in your opinion? My warrior is arms and I’m staring at the talents, unsure how good they all are with the arms playstyle. Has it changed very much from Legion?

Right now, I feel like Arms is still a very solid choice, especially when we start leveling in Battle for Azeroth. I’m not talking about who is top raid DPS right now — I honestly have no idea. But in terms of play, the talents are pretty flexible, allowing you to build around an Execute focused build, or go with a new active ability in Skullsplitter, or aim for Second Wind and Impending Victory for as much self healing as possible.

I don’t think the basic feel of the spec has changed that much. The talents basically just change what you emphasize — do you want to use Slam more often or are you happier with threading Overpower in more? Would you like to inflict more bleeds with Rend? Do you want to hit everyone with Colossus Smash for more AoE punch? My advice is, take the next few weeks and experiment with it. You should quickly find the build that works best for you.


Q4TQ: Icy Veins and several other places I just googled up say that MM is the lowest performing hunter spec by a significant margin (11% on IV). I tried out BM but it’s just not for me, and I was actually getting better DPS on a training dummy with MM. Am I dooming myself to everyone being bummed when I pop up in their groups for all of BfA if I stick with the spec I enjoy?

First off, right now, I wouldn’t worry about it. We’re not level 120 yet. People will not be looking for the top simming raid DPS spec when running 5 player dungeons during the leveling experience. Secondly, there’s plenty of time before you hit 120 for Blizzard to decide to buff any seriously underperforming specs.

If you enjoy MM and play better using that spec, use that spec. If you have to change for raiding later, worry about it when you get there. We’re at least a month away from you having to think about that.


Q4tQ: of the many notable deaths in Legion; if the light or the void could bring these beings back in some capacity, who would you want to see return and why?


I know his story is getting continued in Battle for Azeroth, but man, he really barely even got to be Warchief before he died.


Q4TQ — when is Activision going to force Blizzard to add a Battle Royale mode to Overwatch — sooner, or later?

Dude, did you just see the two years Overwatch just had? They reported a billion dollars in revenue in their first year. A billion dollars.

Activision isn’t going to make them do anything. If they do a Battle Royale, it’ll be because they want to.

A billion dollars.


Q4TQ: is it true that level boosts no longer raise your professions?

Looking on the official site, I’ve noticed that Veteran Bonus isn’t mentioned, but I can’t remember if it was before patch 8.0 to be completely honest. I don’t have the kind of money it would take to drop on a level boost just to test this out, unfortunately. It seems, based on the Reddit thread you posted below, to at least be plausible that since you can access profession content from the next expansion no matter what your level is, Blizzard no longer felt it necessary to boost your professions when you boosted a character.

But I can’t find a source outside of that Reddit thread that states this one way or another. It’s not listed as a feature of 110 level boosts, but it’s not mentioned at all, whereas the fact that you have to unlock your Warlords of Draenor garrison the normal way if you want one is in fact listed. So my answer right now is, barring any further sources popping up, it does seem to be the case that they no longer boost professions.


Q4tQ: are the Kul Tiran druids coming with the pre-patch or the game release in August?

They likely won’t be playable until well after the expansion opens in August, because we don’t even know how long it’ll take to unlock them yet. It’ll likely not be until 8.1 but we simply don’t know. Could be even longer. We’ll likely get Mag’har Orcs and Dark Iron Dwarves before that.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. See y’all next week.

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